Santa Gertrudis

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Santa Gertrudis


a breed of beef cattle. It was developed in the mid-20th century on the Santa Gertrudis Ranch in Texas by crossbreeding shorthorn cows with zebu sires. Santa Gertrudis cattle have a cherry-red coloring; sometimes there are light spots on the lower trunk. These hardy animals can travel long distances and do not require special pasturage. The adult male weighs 700–800 kg, and the adult female 500–600 kg. Santa Gertrudis calves develop more rapidly than the calves of other meat breeds. The cattle graze and fatten well, even during the hot season. The average daily weight increase during fattening reaches 1,200 g. The dressed yield is 63–65 percent, with a maximum dressed yield of 70 percent.

Santa Gertrudis cattle are distributed in many countries. They were first brought to the USSR in 1956. They are raised on some farms in the Kazakh SSR; small groups are raised in other areas. Crossbreeding with native breeds is conducted in order to produce various types of meat cattle that are adapted to particular zones. Santa Gertrudis bulls are also commercially crossbred with dairy and dairy-meat breeds.


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The decrease in 2000 production was attributable to the lower than expected production and the temporary suspension of operations at the Joe Mann Mine in November 2000 and the disappointing performance and suspension of the Santa Gertrudis operation early in the fourth quarter.
This review will take account of the gold price environment, the operating status of the Joe Mann Mine, the results of the update of the ore reserves and long-term plan at the Joe Mann Mine, the success of the Company's exploration efforts at the Santa Gertrudis Mine, and the future prospects for the Cerro Quema project in Panama.
For some time now our major shareholders have felt that Animas' shares have been significantly undervalued and we began seeking a group to unlock the value of the Santa Gertrudis gold project by putting the mine back into production," Animas President and CEO Mark Brown said.
The village church, Santa Gertrudis, was built in 1807, rather late for Arequipa's golden age of religious architecture, and displays a style edging away from the densely carved baroque toward the simpler lines of the republican age.
And we admired some of the best-looking cattle we've ever seen: Santa Gertrudis, the ranch's trademark breed, whose parentage is 3/8 Brahman and 5/8 English shorthorn.
In addition, the female crossbred offspring from the various matings have been bred to Brahman, Devon, Holstein, Santa Gertrudis, or Brangus sires.
El Papago lays on a 12 square mile alteration zone about 10 miles southwest of the million ounce Santa Gertrudis deposit in northern Sonora, about 70 km from the US border
com) is a winner in Santa Gertrudis for cocktails and good food - with a disco th se is a cockta nearby if nearby if you need to work it all off
We moved on to the charming little village of Santa Gertrudis in the middle of the island and, at Bar Costa, lunched on delicious manchego cheese, serrano ham and smoked beef.
At the Windhoek Summer Sale, bulls and heifers of high class breeds were on sale, including the Brahman, Santa Gertrudis, Bonsmara, Simbra, Simmentaler and Sussex breeds.
He has managed exploration teams that: 1) contributed to the discovery of the Sleeper gold deposit in Nevada, 2) completed the development drilling of the Mount Emmons molybdenum deposit in Colorado, 3) discovered the McDonald gold deposit in Montana, and 4) discovered many of the Santa Gertrudis gold ore bodies in Sonora, Mexico.
Others (like Beefmaster, Santa Gertrudis, Brangus, Polled Herefords, Red Angus, Senepol, Hays Converter, etc.

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