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Numerous avant-garde women, including theatre legends Isadora Duncan and Sarah Bernhardt, owned his Delphos dresses.
The lead would have been given by Matthew Arnold, the first, but not the last, English admirer of Sainte-Beuve and Sarah Bernhardt.
The Hommage a Alphonse Mucha collection consists of two design sets -- Sarah Bernhardt and Libussa, -- each inspired by one of Mucha's career highlights.
Mucha's career took off when he stepped in at the last minute to design an advertising poster for Sarah Bernhardt, then the most famous actress in Paris.
The one-woman play is about the life of legendary European actress Sarah Bernhardt.
The 18th-century actress Charlotte was no fictional creation but the real thing--a notorious London figure who impersonated men long before Sarah Bernhardt played Hamlet.
From Theda Bara to Anna Nilsson and Sarah Bernhardt, the achievements of fifteen silent film women who entered early motion pictures to become key personalities of the industry are presented in David Menefee's The First Female Stars: Women Of The Silent Era.
She also designed suits inspired by menswear and dressed the Who's Who of fashionable society, including Sarah Bernhardt, Irene Castle, Mata Hari and Queen Marie of Romania.
Menefee Sarah Bernhardt in the Theatre of Films and Sound Recordings.
Sarah Bernhardt (1844-1923) has returned to New York and reclaimed center stage.
The idea is certainly a winner: Stage rivals Sarah Bernhardt and Eleonora Duse, in Paris to play the same role - different engagements - at the same theater are held hostage on the set by a bomb-toting anarchist.
France produced Queen Elizabeth (1912), starring Sarah Bernhardt, one of the greatest actors of the age.