(also Gniloe Ozero), a lake in the Kazakh SSR, east of Lake Balkhash. Lake Sasykkol’ is located in the Balkhash-Alakol’ Hollow at an elevation of 347 m. When the water level is highest, the lake covers an area of 736 sq km. It has an average depth of 3.3 m and a maximum depth of 4.7 m. The shores are low and overgrown with reeds. Lake Sasykkol’ is fed in various ways. The water level fluctuates by as much as 3 m. The lake freezes in November, and the ice breaks up in early April. The Tentek and Karakol rivers empty into the lake. Water flows from Lake Sasykkol’ through channels into Lake Uialy. There is fishing for marinka, Eurasian perch (Perca fluviatis), carp, and spotted loach (Nemachilus strauchi). Muskrats are trapped there.