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The cult of Satan, or Satan worship, is in part a survival of the ancient worship of demons and in part a revolt against Christianity or the church. It rose about the 12th cent. in Europe and reached its culmination in the blasphemous ritual of the Black Mass, a desecration of the Christian rite. The history of early Satanism is obscure. It was revived in the reign of Louis XIV in France and is still practiced by various groups throughout the world, particularly in the United States. One of the largest and most influential Satanic groups is the Church of Satan (1966), founded by Anton LaVey in San Francisco. A splinter group, the Temple of Set (1975), was organized by Michael Aquino. Many Satanic groups, including the ones mentioned, attest that such worship does not necessarily imply evil intentions, but rather an alternative to the repressive morality of many other religious groups. Such groups see no harm in their indulgence in "worldly pleasures" that other religions forbid. Other, more severe brands of Satanism likely exist, although much of the activity pegged as "Satanic" has less to do with the religion than with various forms of sociopathy. Indeed, reliable research has found no evidence indicating the existence of alarming, large-scale Satanic phenomena. An unfortunate mistake is the unfounded—yet common—linkage of minority religious traditions, such as the African-derived voodoovoodoo
[from the god Vodun], native W African religious beliefs and practices that also has adherents in the New World. Voodoo believers are most numerous in Haiti, where voodoo was granted official religious status in 2003, and in Benin, where the religion has had official
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 and SanteríaSantería
, religion originating in W Africa, developed by Yoruba slaves in Cuba, and practiced by an estimated one million people in the United States. Blending African beliefs with those of Roman Catholicism, it fuses Christian saints with African deities (orishas).
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, with Satanism. See also witchcraftwitchcraft,
a form of sorcery, or the magical manipulation of nature for self-aggrandizement, or for the benefit or harm of a client. This manipulation often involves the use of spirit-helpers, or familiars.
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See A. LaVey, Satanic Bible (1969); A. Lyons, The Second Coming (1970) and Satan Wants You! (1989); J. T. Richardson and D. Bromley, ed., The Satanism Scare (1991).


1. the worship of Satan
2. a form of such worship which includes blasphemous or obscene parodies of Christian prayers, etc.
3. a satanic disposition or satanic practices
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Shifting to a more serious mood, he explained that as a Satanist he wants an equal footing with the Catholics he described as religion nutjobs.
But others who call themselves Satanists believe in Satan quite literally, and are self-styled devil worshippers.
Scotland has had problems with Satanists in the past.
The religious police, otherwise known as the Committee for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, arrested a group of Satanists who put copies of the Quran in sewage openings and garbage bins to curry favor with the devil and ask for his help in facilitating their practices, according to exclusive footage obtained by Al Arabiya.
BANNED: Anathema were suspected of being Satanists in Tunisia
However, in general, they do know the heavy metal music enjoyed by Satanists and the signature black clothing and dangling silver jewelry that Satanists wear.
2 while Satanists, Jehovah's Witnesses and Scientologists come in third.
Admittedly the world of anti-Satanist crusaders, to say nothing of such bona fide Satanists as may actually be out there, is not easy to explore.
TWO self-styled Satanists were yesterday jailed for more than a decade after committing a brutal murder which they claimed the Devil ordered them to carry out.
Other hypothetical inhabitants include Mexican Marxist revolutionaries, evangelicals, satanists, porn addicts, and dope-smoking bank robbers.
Which presumably means that if your tradition and belief involves disembowelling sheep in the grounds of the local church, the worst you'll get from a passing bobby will be "Evenin' all you Satanists.
Nonetheless, the First Amendment protects those who want to practice their beliefs, even Satanists, and the Civic Center did not cancel the contract it signed with Daniels.