Satellite City

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Satellite City


a city or urban-type settlement that has become closely associated with a nearby larger city and that can provide production, economic, cultural, and domestic services and facilities. A satellite city often takes the form of a peripheral element of a conurbation. Contrasted with a suburb (or outskirts), a satellite city does not tend to merge with the central city: the intervening distance depends on transportation facilities that unite the economic lives of the central city and the satellite city. The industrial enterprises, scientific research institutes, higher educational institutions, and so on that are located near the major center or have been moved out as a result of reconstruction serve as a basis for a satellite city. A satellite city precludes an excessive concentration of industry and population in a large city and leads to the orderly development of the conurbation. Satellite cities exist in the USSR, Great Britain, Sweden, Finland, and other nations.

The character of a satellite city varies according to its type: industrial, industrial-transport, health resort, or residential (the so-called bedroom communities, most inhabitants of which work in the central city). Bedroom satellite cities are widespread in the capitalist nations; in socialist nations a considerable part of the population of a satellite city works locally. Thus, for example, around some of the large cities of the USSR (Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev. Kharkov) plans have been made and partially implemented to create a new type of well-planned satellite city for the decentralization of the population and the transfer of some industries from the central city. In capitalist nations the growth of satellite cities can be generally described as uncontrolled and accompanied by chaotic conurbation. The developing nations lack satellite cities because of the weak economic ties between cities.


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I ask you to make proposals to link the satellite city with the appropriate infrastructures of Bishkek and to prepare a bids provision within a month to attract investors.
Steven Lo has held conversations with the mayor of Musachevo, a village to the west of Bulgaria and 21 km east of the capital Sofia near which the satellite city is to be constructed.
But as long as we are fighting for our rights, with God's will, we will win,'' he said as he joined protesters gathering outside a mosque following prayers in Giza, a satellite city of Cairo and home to the famous Pyramids.
Ascott's managing director for strategic development, Alfred Ong, who oversees the company's business in India, said: "Gurgaon, New Delhi's flourishing satellite city, is one of India's most promising hospitality markets.
Dubai has proposed a series of mega projects reminiscent of its boom years before the downturn hit in 2009, which include theme parks and a satellite city named after the ruler.
His acting credits include Twin Town, High Hopes and Satellite City, the latter two of which he also co-wrote.
Self-sustaining, vehicle-free satellite city planned in China Chengdu Tianfu District Great City is being designed as a self-sustaining, car-free, environmentally conscious satellite city that can be a model for all of China.
BOYD CLACK - LABOURER OF LOVE FROM the man who brought you the angst-ridden Gwynne in the Welsh sitcom Satellite City comes this interesting and often affecting collection of quirky songs which draw on his sometimes sideways, sometimes romantic, sometimes dark worldview.
Mumbai Enraged by the "kidnapping" of its newly-elected corporator, Suhasini Lokhande, allegedly by its political rivals ahead of tomorrow's local mayor poll, the Shiv Sena-BJP alliance yesterday forced a total bandh (close down) in Thane, the satellite city of Mumbai.
There is tremendous potential here, and we would like to work with the District Government, Development Company and other stakeholders to further define the character of the city and tailor it to meet the needs and desires of the people and industries that will make Beijing Bohai Innovation City a national model for the country's next generation of satellite city development," said SOM global planning partner Philip J.
Paul will be joined by Boyd Clack, creator and writer of BBC Wales comedies High Hopes and Satellite City.
KARACHI, March 25, 2011 (Balochistan Times): A meeting of the Steering Committee of DHA City Karachi (DCK) presided by Administrator DHA, Brig Aamer Raza Qureshi, was held on Thursday at DHAs Main Office to review/evaluate the salient aspects of ongoing master planning of the new satellite city to be built on Super Highway.

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