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A unit of pitch interval, such that the interval between two frequencies measured in savarts is equal to 1000 times the common logarithm of the ratio of the frequencies; one octave equals approximately 301.030 savarts.



a unit of frequency interval in musical acoustics, named in honor of the French physicist F. Savart. One savart is equal to the frequency interval having a ratio of the bounding frequencies f2/f1 such that log (f2/f1) = 1.0023. It has the following relationships with the other frequency-interval units: 1 savart = 3.32 × 10-3 octaves = 3.98 cents; 1 octave = 301 savarts.

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Savart, whose recent loss we have to deplore, and to whom acoustics is indepted for so many original researches, was therefore joined to us; like ourselves, he has witnessed the fact which we now have the honor to lay before the Academy.
Savart, on the contrary, has compared the vocal organs to one of those instruments of which huntsmen make use to imitate the song of certain birds, and instruments of the flute-kind, and in which the sound is exclusively engendered by the vibrations of the air which strikes against the partitions of a cavity, or breaks itself against the edge of a pebble.
In the preface, we learn more about the piece than was previously known, including a likely dedicatee, Louis Savart (1871-1923), a fine Moravian hornist who spent most of his career in Vienna.
His findings are published in the current issue of Savart Journal, a scientific journal of musical instrument acoustics.
The theoretical magnetic fleld was calculated applying the Biot Savart law, and evaluated numerically using MatLab program.
Claude Savart esquisse le role des bibliotheques paroissiales a travers la France (ou plutot a travers l'une des deux France, la catholique).
The settlement was founded in 1642 by Paul de Chomody Sieur de Maisonneuve, who turned over responsibilities for the spiritual welfare of the populace to the four Sulpicians: Gabriel de Queylus, the leader and Fathers Savart, d'Allet and Galiniere, With the arrival and appointment of Msgr.
Along with the German scientist Ernst Chladni and the French-born Felix Savart (both of whom conducted important experiments with sound waves in the early nineteenth century), Wheatstone, Bain writes, had "shown to what a wonderful extent vibrations .
New to this third edition is expanded cover age of such topics as surface boundary interfaces, as well as improved discussions of such physical and mathematical laws as the Law of Blot and Savart and the Euler Momentum Integral.
The Savart is the smallest musical interval that can be perceived under optimal conditions (1 Svt = 5 Holder commas).
Por otro lado, al no encontrar en Espana ningun trabajo que nos sirviera como referencia para lo que queriamos realizar, buscamos fuera, y asi fue como encontramos y tomamos por modelo, la investigacion del profesor Savart sobre el libro religioso en Francia, a lo largo del siglo XIX, trabajo que habia sido realizado a partir de una unica fuente bibliografica: la Bibliographie de la France, publicacion de caracter oficial en la que se recogian todos los textos editados en ese pais, desde comienzos del siglo XIX (1).
This phenomenon has been observed, for example, in a subject asked to overarticulate the consonant /d/ while singing in the upper register--the onset was lowered by 406 Savarts (more than eight tones), making an interval of a tenth between the onset and hold of the vowel (Figure 18).