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An electronic instrument that measures hydrostatic pressure within the eye: when placed in position, a tiny movable plate is pressed against the eye, flattening a circular section of the cornea (no eyeball anesthesia is required); a current is then sent through a small electromagnet, of such value that it will just pull the plate away from the eye; the value of the current is proportional to eye pressure; a measurement can be made in about 1 second; used in diagnosis of glaucoma. Also known as electronic tonometer.



an instrument for measuring pressure or tension—specifically, blood pressure in the arteries, intraocular pressure, and muscle tone or tension.

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8 mm Hg) were reported; however, these data were obtained with the use of a Schiotz tonometer.
Materials used in the study were Schiotz tonometer, Sphygmomanometer, Bicycle Ergometer, measuring tape, weighing scale and Paracaine eye drops.