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(invertebrate zoology)
Asexual reproduction by multiple fission of a trophozoite; a characteristic of certain Sporozoa.



multiple asexual reproduction in protozoans, including foraminiferans, trypanosomes, and sporozoans, as well as in some algae. In schizogony, the nucleus of the maternal individual undergoes a succession of rapid divisions into several nuclei and breaks down into the corresponding number of mononuclear cells (merozoites). The sexual process begins after several asexual generations. Sporozoan merozoites penetrate the host cells and give rise to gametocytes, from which gametes are formed.

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marinus merozoite cells subdivide internally by schizogony, producing multiple daughter cells, which enlarge until the mother cell ruptures releasing the daughter cells that enlarge to repeat the process (Sunila et al.
Most parasitized red cells are then destroyed, either by rupture at schizogony or by premature phagocytosis by monocytes and macrophages.
gondii undergoes schizogony in all nucleated cells of almost all animals and birds.