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Presumably if Michelangelo copied from the Schongauer engraving in Ghirlandaio s possession, then other artists in the workshop did as well, and in fact, at least one other version occasionally attributed to Michelangelo also exists.
Se defendio dando la espalda a la obra maestra y concentrandose puntillosamente en los cuadros que la rodeaban, muy bellos pero, sin duda, de mucho menor valor aunque mucho mas pacificos, de la autoria de Martin Schongauer.
And there are prints by Martin Schongauer and Albrecht Durer, dating from around 1470 and 1505 respectively.
Pichore emerges as an artist who was incredibly flexible and innovative in incorporating the innovations of Schongauer and Durer as he adapted to the medium of the metal cut.
Venus and Cupid (1525) by Lucas Cranach the Elder was bought for pounds 2,100,00 and Maria Lactans: The Virgin and Child Crowned by Angels in a Window Embrasure by Martin Schongauer was purchased for pounds 900,000.
One was the traditional German Gothic style of Martin Schongauer and Matthias Grunewald and the other, newer, style of the Italian Renaissance, as found in the work of Giovanni Belini, Andrea Mantegna and Raphael.
Hubert Vogel, Der gro[beta]e Schongauer Hexenproze[beta] und seine Opfer: 1589-1592, published by the city of Schongau, 1989, p.
Cort's work visually echoes the characteristically beautiful engraving (late-fifteenth-century) by Martin Schongauer (fig.
pero aun artistas menores: un Hans Baldung, pongamos, un Schongauer antes que este.
From Schongauer to Holbein: Master Drawings From Basel and Berlin, an unprecedented exhibition organized by the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.
These artists include the sculptors Veit Stoss, who seems to have been both colleague and competitor, and Niclaus Gerhaert von Leiden, the older artist from whom Riemenschneider seems to have learned the most, and the engraver Martin Schongauer, a crucial figure both for his own compositions, which served Riemenschneider as models, and for his role as a disseminator of Rogier van der Weyden's images, which influenced the sculptor profoundly.