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Even the recent anniversary issue of Scinteia, (Scinteia, 4 July 1982) stated that "Romania has caught up with or even overtaken a number of countries ith longstanding industrial production (as far as per capita production is concerned) in a number of products: steel (Sweden, Great Britain, Holland, and Norway).
The name of Radu Tudoran was also present on the list of journalists who were to be combed out, published in the Romanian Communist Party "official" newspaper Scinteia of 13 July 1945.
in alta zi chiuveta isi marturisi dragostea: --stea mica, nu scinteia peste fabrica de piine si moara dimbovita da-te jos, caci ele nu au nevoie de tine ele au la subsol centrale electrice si sint pline de becuri te risipesti punindu-ti auriul pe acoperisuri si paratraznete.
Nevertheless, Scinteia did not become extinct, and was published again only three days later, under the new front-page logo of Adevarul.
78) He related a case when he was editor of Scinteia, and the editorial board had estimated the number of participants at a demonstration of the National Democratic Front to be around 80,000 people.
102) Moghioros and Ceausescu both pointed out how, as editor of Scinteia, Constantinescu wrote about "our Ana" "with flowing honey" (de curgea miere).
On the eve of the president's arrival, the communist daily Scinteia had announced the news of the 'Night of the Barricades' in the Latin Quarter, and the unions' call for a general strike.
Vive l'amitie francoroumaine' resounded in the streets as well as on the front page of Scinteia.
Haralambie (aka Hari) Obedeanu had been a journalist at Scinteia (The Spark), the official newspaper of the Communist Party.
The Party newspaper Scinteia wrote constantly about the changes that were taking place in Czechoslovakia.
car quelqu'un qui a adresse des lettres de protestation aux journaux du parti (au quotidien Scinteia et a l'hebdomadaire Saptamina culturala) pour critiquer la filouterie, l'opportunisme, l'antisemitisme, la demagogie (302), ne peut devenir lui-meme un gredin comme ceux qu'il accuse.
The Romanian Scinteia Poporului ("Spark of the People") first dropped "of the People," then changed its name to Adovarul ("Truth").