Scott, Thomas A.

Scott, Thomas A. (Alexander)

(1823–81) railroad executive; born at Fort Loudon, Pa. He began working in the state toll collector's office at age 17 and continued until 1850 when he became station agent for the Pennsylvania Railroad at Duncansville. As the railroad grew he was transferred and promoted, becoming first vice-president in 1859. (It was Scott who first hired young Andrew Carnegie in 1853 and helped him advance his career.) During the Civil War he was made assistant secretary of war in charge of government railways, troops, and munitions transportation. In 1870, the Pennsylvania Company was organized with Scott as president to direct rail growth west of Pittsburgh. In 1871 he was elected president of the foundering Union Pacific Railroad, a job he passed to Jay Gould when he became president of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company (1874–80). He was also president of the Texas & Pacific Railway Company (1872–80).