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see Erigena, John ScotusErigena, John Scotus
[Lat. Scotus=Irish, Erigena=born in Ireland], c.810–c.877, scholastic philosopher, born in Ireland. About 847 he was invited by Charles II, king of the West Franks (later Holy Roman emperor), to take charge of the court school at Paris.
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; Duns ScotusDuns Scotus, John
[Lat. Scotus=Irishman or Scot], c.1266–1308, scholastic philosopher and theologian, called the Subtle Doctor. A native of Scotland, he became a Franciscan and taught at Oxford, Paris, and Cologne.
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Scotus calls this principle the individuating entity (entitas individualis).
For Aquinas, it was matter that distinguished us as individuals, but for Scotus, each person had its own individual essence or haecceity that made him unique.
If we follow Scotus and seek the divine through a holistic observation of all creation, we hear from many a defiant challenge to the necessity of suffering and death.
1) "Dico quod potentia passiva non est frustra in natura, quia etsi per agens naturale non possit principaliter reduci ad actum, tamen potest per tale agens dispositio ad ipsum induci, et potest per aliquod agens in natura id est in tota coordinatione essendi vel entium--puta per agens primum vel supernaturale complete reduci ad actum" (Duns Scotus 1950-2005a: 45).
In other words, preparation of the concept of univocity of being, as it came to be announced by his polemical Franciscan follower, John Duns Scotus, had been started implicitly by Henry of Ghent (Dumont 1998a:307 et al.
While Scotus accepts Giles's categorial/quantitative distinction, he objects that Thomistic transubstantiation should place the bread in heaven rather than Christ on the altar (112).
22) The court applied the test for obviousness set forth by SCOTUS in Graham informed by Federal Circuit's TSM test (23) and round there was "little change" in the teaching of the prior art and the claims at issue and thus that a hypothetical person with the appropriate training and expertise in the art would have found the invention obvious.
Here, I review the main contributions of Duns Scotus to economic philosophy and try to apply them to modern debates between economists and theologians.
For Scotus the Incarnation was willed from all eternity as an expression of God's love and desire for consummated union with creation.
The author brings to light the fact that, in the christological aspects of his commentary on the Summa, Cajetan advances his discussion primarily with reference to two contrasting critics of Thomas, Scotus and Durandus.
Father Brian McGrath, parish priest at Blessed John Duns Scotus Church in the Gorbals area of Glasgow, claims the bones found their way to the city after one of the last surviving members of a wealthy French family contacted the Commissary of the Holy Land of France to discuss their long-term safety.
Now that SCOTUS has upheld the ACA, it's time to focus on new employee communications requirements in the health care reform act