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see Erigena, John ScotusErigena, John Scotus
[Lat. Scotus=Irish, Erigena=born in Ireland], c.810–c.877, scholastic philosopher, born in Ireland. About 847 he was invited by Charles II, king of the West Franks (later Holy Roman emperor), to take charge of the court school at Paris.
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; Duns ScotusDuns Scotus, John
[Lat. Scotus=Irishman or Scot], c.1266–1308, scholastic philosopher and theologian, called the Subtle Doctor. A native of Scotland, he became a Franciscan and taught at Oxford, Paris, and Cologne.
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We now move to the one-page December 2017 SCOTUS Order.
The introduction of causal explanatory senses is relevant, for it allows a common language of dialogue with Scotus and Suarez.
The SCOTUS decision was so scant in terms of any actual discussion of the issues that no lower court can rely on the SCOTUS decision to shed any light on what the lower courts should or should not do relative to the anti-surcharge statutes.
Even assuming that his nominee would be confirmed in time to enable him to vote on the appeal, still there is no assurance that the Scotus would not trump Trump.
Right now, many valuable collegiate uniform designs that are not copyright protected may be covered should SCOTUS rule in favor of Varsity.
54) Although the philosophical and theological milieu out of which Scotus's approach arises helps contextualize the radicality of his thought in contradistinction to his predecessors and contemporaries, the limited scope of this article prevents my exploring the various theories of individuation that Scotus considered prior to advancing his own argument.
John Dun Scotus, a Franciscan philosopher and theologian who lived from 1266 to 1308, is best known to Catholics as the proponent of the Immaculate Conception.
the State of Washington uses private insurer Molina as a Medicaid health plan) through 2021; (4) insurance exchange premiums will grow at a higher rate than Medicaid costs because of the frequent budget constraints imposed on state Medicaid budgets to meet balanced budget requirements; (5) prior to the SCOTUS ruling, states would have auto-enrolled anyone below 134 percent of FPL in a federally financed Medicaid plan and not allowed anyone below 134 percent FPL to enroll in a state or federal exchange for private insurance coverage.
This month, we offer informative pieces on data storage, security, bar coding/ RFID/RTLS/asset tracking, wireless technologies and workflow management; also, in our Industry Watch section, we feature reactions to the SCOTUS decision from some key industry-group players.
made a snap appearance at the SCOTUS steps, not so much to argue for PPACA's repeal, but to point out how much Obamacare resembles Romneycare - the health plan Gov.
It is not only about the redirection of attention from the abstract meanings, extending sharply beyond worldly reality, to the mechanism of signification and, accordingly, to the singular concrete items of nature, because the problem of universals had been a consistent part of Christian theological deliberations from times remote; as we shall see, some fundamental distinctions of Ockham and of Duns Scotus, concerning the particularity of being, are to be read against the background of their Trinitarian speculations.