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drop siding
A finish covering on the exterior walls of a building in the form of a series of horizontal strips or boards; made of such cladding materials as wood or aluminum. The strips are usually applied horizontally with an overlap to provide resistance against the penetration of water. Also see bevel siding, bungalow siding, clapboard, colonial siding, drop siding, flush siding, German siding, lap siding, matched siding, novelty siding, rabbeted siding, rustic siding, shingles, shiplap siding, vertical siding, weather slating.
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SDG is based in Irvine, California, and serves all of Southern California.
I have worked extensively within top value-added reseller organizations and I've gained the knowledge of what vendors, partners and clients need, and have built SDG to support those needs.
SDG is based in Irvine, and serves all of Southern California.
The Compleat-200 SDG enables universal delivery of legacy and new services across all network types through an unmatched combination of network signaling translation and interfaces for application control.
SDG has successfully partnered on a global scale with Fortune 500 clients, which represent a number of diverse industries.
Thor's Xellerate provides customers with the comprehensive solution required to simplify the management of users, credentials, assets and business processes across the enterprise," said Ajay Gupta, CEO of SDG Corporation.
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