seat belt

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seat belt

1. a belt or strap worn in a vehicle to restrain forward motion in the event of a collision
2. a similar belt or strap worn in an aircraft at takeoff and landing and in rough weather

Seat Belt


a protective device that holds the driver or passenger of an automobile in the seat in the event of an emergency situation. The use of seat belts significantly lowers the severity of the consequences if a vehicle should be involved in a collision, overturn, or suddenly reduce its speed. Seat belts are also used in airplanes.

lap belt

A safety belt that fastens across the lap. Also called a seat belt.

safety belt

A belt installed at the aircraft seat to hold the occupants tight in their seats. Also called a seat belt or a lap belt.
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Sixty per cent people killed in road accidents in Abu Dhabi during the past nine months were not wearing seatbelts, according to traffic authorities.
Brigadier Ahmed Al Shihhi, deputy director at the traffic directorate of the police, said, "Wearing seatbelts reduces the impact of injuries in case of accidents, and ignoring it poses bigger dangers.
As seatbelts do not fit children correctly, an appropriate child car restraint is needed to offer the same level of protection as a seatbelt does for adults.
Women were more likely than men to report always using a seatbelt in the rear seat, and adults who had attended college were more likely to buckle up than adults with less education.
A comprehensive series of frontal impact sled tests was completed on rear-facing-only CRS installed with an inflatable seatbelt simultaneously with a CRS installed with a standard seatbelt.
During the campaign, special attention will be paid to the use of seatbelts by passengers in the back of vehicles, where their use is much lower compared with those at the front.
During last year's campaign, South Wales Police alone stopped 360 people for not wearing a seatbelt.
Insp Tinkler added: "All too often our road policing officers have to deal with crashes where the simple act of wearing a seatbelt could have saved someone's life.
gov/parents is devoted to the campaign and offers tips to motivate tweens to buckle up, information on how to know when a child is ready to use an adult seatbelt, and more.
Chief Inspector Martyn Stone, of South Wales Police Specialist Operations, said: "Wearing a seatbelt is the law and only takes seconds.
Police urged drivers to ensure both they and their children are wearing seatbelts
Recently, we attended a serious collision on the M6 where a young lady who wasn't wearing her seatbelt was thrown from her vehicle, which resulted in her sustaining very serious injuries.