Second Growth

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second growth

[′sek·ənd ′grōth]
New trees that naturally replace trees which have been removed from a forest by cutting or by fire.

Second Growth


(1) Poorly developed shoots of cereal grains (rye, wheat, barley) that form later than the principal shoots as a result of protracted or excessive tillering. Second growth yields a small, deficient grain. Sometimes the shoots do not form any inflorescences (unfertile stems or sprouts). Because it requires water and nutrients, second growth adversely affects formation of grain of the principal shoots. Second growth in grains is fostered by sparse sowing, excessive rains after severe drought, injury to the tillering node, and late nitrogen feedings. Preventive measures include planting varieties that undergo tillering at the same time and observing seeding standards and other agrotechnical measures that ensure uniform development of plants.

(2) The aggregate of trees and shrubs introduced into a forest to accelerate vertical growth and improve the shape of trunks of the principal species. Fast-growing timber trees (birch, Norway maple, elm) and shrubs (Siberian pea tree, filbert) are used as second growth.

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The results showed that, some cross combinations reached the highest body weight during the first growth phase but lost this advantage in the second growth phase (Su et al.
Radial distribution of thujaplicins in old growth and second growth western red cedar (Thuja plicata Donn).
Fifty-eight (79%) of the medicinal species were collected in second growth forest, trails or roadsides, pastures, or recent swidden sites.
Second growth is "even aged" - all the same age and height, with a solid canopy that prevents anything from growing underneath.
His realistic novels, many with rural settings, include Remembering Laughter (1937); The Potter's House (1938); On a Darkling Plain (1940); Fire and Ice (1941); The Big Rock Candy Mountain (1943); Second Growth (1947); Country Dance (1948); The Preacher and the Slave (1950), about the I.
While companies that buy timber from public lands have become increasingly embroiled in battles with conservationists over clearcutting of old-growth forests and endangered species like the spotted owl, Weyerhaeuser's long-time high-yield program designed to spur productivity of natural second growth and plantation crops is today an example of sustainability.
Cohen continued his work with a second growth factor he accidentally encountered while using crude extracts of NGF-containing mouse salivary glands.
The mill does not rely upon old growth timber, but second growth.
The 7 roads are said to have an aggregate length of 626 kilometers and they are scheduled part of the second Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP II).
19 September 2013 -- Connecticut USA-based private equity firm Catterton Partners said that it has closed its seventh buyout fund Catterton Partners VII LP as well as its second growth fund Catterton Growth Partners II LP.
Variables examined included comparisons of sapwood to heartwood, old growth to second growth, and effect of a protective coating.