Second Renaissance

Italian Renaissance Revival

Italian Renaissance Revival
An architectural style emulating the Renaissance palazzi of Northern Italy; most popular from 1800s to about 1930. Buildings in this style are usually characterized by façades that are commonly symmetrical and essentially flat; rectangular or square in plan; usually two or three stories high; masonry or stucco walls; a different architectural treatment on different stories; an elaborate belt course between stories; a massive cornice that rests directly on the architrave (the frieze being omitted); pilasters, rusticated quoins, dentils, and decorative detailing; a recessed entry porch flanked with classical columns or pilasters; prominent arcading on the ground floor of public buildings and a recessed arcaded gallery on the floors above; commonly, a low- to moderate-pitched, ceramic-tiled hipped roof; widely overhanging eaves with decorative brackets below; occasionally, a flat roof with a balustrade or roofline parapet above an elaborate cornice; commonly, a different type of window on each story; on the ground floor, elaborate, tall, narrow windows placed in a regular pattern, set symmetrically on both sides of the main entrance; the second-story window heads often pedimented and supported by ancons in elaborate buildings; windows on the uppermost story are usually the smallest and simplest, being square in shape; arches frequently above exterior doors; a hooded entryway; an entablature, supported by pilasters, over the entrance. Sometimes called Italian Renaissance style or Second Renaissance Revival, this style is occasionally subdivided into the North Italian or Venetian mode and the Romano-Tuscan or Florentine mode.
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Having other business interests here, we are deeply rooted within the fabric of Harlem's business community and are excited to continue playing a role in Harlem's second renaissance.
Contract awarded for Gwangyang second renaissance pier fire fighting facilities Detailed design services
Having lived in the shadow of sister studio Pixar for over a decade, Walt Disney Animation Studios has undergone a second renaissance in recent years, reminiscent of its late 20th Century rebirth.
American Comic Book Chronicles: The 1970s" is beautifully illustrated in full color throughout while providing an informed and informative commentary on the authors, illustrators, and publishers that were involved in a kind of second renaissance of the comic book in America.
The highly distinctive Hotel 57 is nearing completion of a $40 million makeover and is the second Renaissance in Manhattan.
If we don't learn from the past I'll be sending this e-mail again in the 2050s as we collectively rue the demise of our great city's second renaissance.
In the event of a second renaissance, John Anton's impressive study of the American naturalists will make an invaluable contribution.
Porter attends the same high school as UO sophomore Malik Hairston, so a second Renaissance player choosing to play for the Ducks didn't seem to come as any shock in Detroit.
The taste is also what's driving the second renaissance of this niche-market beverage, industry experts say, as newer drinkers reach for more craft beers.
In some ways, the mid-1980s to the early 1990s were a second Renaissance emerging in the black gay and lesbian community, not just in Harlem but also throughout the country.
Annotations on three copies of the second Renaissance edition of Lucrerius, which was printed in Venice in 1495, referred to Ponrano's twenty years of work on the text, and a later Venetian edition, the Giunra of 1512, explicitly acknowledged his editorial work.