ARM chips

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ARM chips

The most widely used microprocessors worldwide. Designed by ARM Holdings plc, Cambridge, England (, the company was founded as Advanced RISC Machines in 1990 by Acorn Computers, Apple and VLSI Technology. In 2016, ARM was acquired by Japan-based Softbank.

ARM chips are 32-bit and 64-bit RISC-based CPUs that are known for their low cost and low power requirements (see RISC). Manufactured under license from ARM by more than a dozen semiconductor companies, billions of ARM-based devices are made every year, including smartphones, tablets, game consoles, e-book readers, netbooks, TVs and myriad other consumer and industrial products.

Quite often, an ARM CPU is the processor in a system-on-chip (see SoC). For example, Qualcomm's Snapdragon and NVIDIA's Tegra are ARM-based smartphone and tablet SoCs.

Cortex, SecurCore and StrongARM
ARM processor families are designated by the prefix "ARM" and a digit, such as ARM7, ARM9 and ARM11 or with names such as Cortex and SecurCore, the latter used for secure identification products such as smart cards.

The StrongARM was a high-speed version of the ARM chip that was jointly developed with Digital Equipment Corporation. The SA-100, the first StrongARM chip, was delivered in 1995, and Intel acquired the technology from Digital in 1997. See StrongARM, Thumb and big.LITTLE.
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Both products are based on an Infineon security chip architecture utilizing an ARMA SecurCore SC300 enhanced by Infineon s cache and SOLID FLASH technology.
Limited has licensed the ARM SecurCore SC100 microprocessor core.
Powered by the highly secure 32-bit ARM SC300 SecurCore CPU, ST's Trusted Platform Module guards sensitive data such as keys, passwords and digital certificates, and provides trustworthy reports of system integrity while protecting against threats such as software attacks or theft and tampering.
Winning microcontroller is the first to combine advanced ARMA SecurCore SC000 secure processor, contact/contactless interfaces, and support for multiple transport-card standards.
ARM is an important partner for INSIDE, and with this licensing agreement we now have a greater opportunity to apply the latest ARM SecurCore technology wherever appropriate across our entire product portfolio.
The new ST31 series is the first chip-card microcontroller to feature latest ARM SecurCore SC000 processor which offers exceptional computing performance and energy efficiency, support for contact or contactless operation, as well as support for MIFARE, MIFARE DESFire and Calypso transport-card standards.
The new product, based upon the popular Cortex(TM)-M3 processor, combines the proven security features of ARM SecurCore processors, currently the most widely-licensed 32-bit RISC CPU for smart cards worldwide, with the code efficiency of the Thumb(R)-2 instruction set architecture, doubling energy efficiency and performance.
The SC000 processor is the latest addition to the successful ARM SecurCore family of processors, greatly expanding the range of target applications into tamper-resistant contact and contactless smartcards such as SIM, government, banking, transport, ID and conditional access.
ST's new ST31 series is the first chip-card microcontroller to combine the latest ARMA SecurCore SC000 processor that delivers outstanding computing performance and energy efficiency, support for contact or contactless operation, and support for MIFARE , MIFARE DESFire and Calypso transport-card standards enhancing multi-application versatility.
This initiative enables fabless design companies to license the ARM SecurCore SC100(TM) processor technology, optimized for smart card and secure applications, and have their designs manufactured with the support of accredited foundries.
ARM SecurCore SC300 Processor, Based on the ARM Cortex-M3 Processor, is Designed for High-Performance Embedded Security Applications