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(sī`ə) or


(sī`əhə), in the Bible, family returned from the Exile.


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In 1972, IBAA merged with 'the Association of Stock Exchange Firms to form the Securities Industry Association.
Pitt's clients have included the Big Five, brokerage houses, the NYSE, the AICPA, the Securities Industry Association and the Investment Company Institute.
At the annual Securities Industry Association meeting, Richard Grasso said he is confident the exchange and brokerages will be able to handle the transition.
According to Stuart Kaswell, general counsel of the Securities Industry Association, which coordinates the interests of investment banks, broker-dealers and mutual fund companies, establishing this new advisory body will enhance disclosure and develop market discipline within the industry.
5 billion, a 55% increase from six months before and a 78% surge from a year ago, according to the Securities Industry Association, a trade group representing the brokerage industry.
In addition to Tower Group, other major tenants at the property include Banco Popular, New York State Attorney General's office, Securities Industry Association and the National Securities Corporation.

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