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see SjællandSjælland
or Zealand
, Ger. Seeland, island (1992 pop. 1,976,882), 2,709 sq mi (7,016 sq km), E Denmark, between the Kattegat and the Baltic Sea. Denmark's largest island, it is separated from Fyn by the Store Bælt and from Sweden by the Øresund.
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, Denmark.
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A green, natural environment has a positive effects on self-perceived health (Maas, Verheij, Groenewegen, De Vries, & Spreeuwenberg, 2006);(Lafortezza, Carrus, Sanesi, & Davies, 2009), reduces headache (Hansmann, Hug, & Seeland, 2007), prolongs longevity of the urban elderly population (Takano, Nakamura, & Watanabe, 2002),lowers mortality rates (Fukuda et al.
In a gathering held outside the Venezuelan Embassy in Hungary's capital Budapest to express support for the Venezuelan people, Seeland raised his fist in salute of Syria and its people and leadership chanting "Long Live al-Assad.
More important their engagements help them to become a more serious safeguard of the ecosystem, increased in the sense of belonging to nature surrounding them and addressed poverty (Bennetta et al 2011, Gurung & Seeland 2008).
However, the existence of vegetation and public parks is not enough to make a city adopt a durable model (German-Chiari and Seeland, 2004).
Indeed, although citizens often perceive as "excessive" the use of public space by immigrants (Alietti et Augustoni, 2009), UGS represents a cultural meeting point among different communities and social groups and it might act as a tool for breaking down social segregation, playing a pivotal role in minority integration (Germann-Chiari et Seeland, 2004; Nicole et Seeland 1999; Germann-Chiari et al.
Frida Hyvonen reminds me a bit of Laura Nyro, but quite wry, quite rude, and El Perro Del Mar are an update of the girl group sound, they're quite melancholy; from hearing Rosie Eilnor Dougall's new album, it sounds like she's been listening to a lot of United States Of America and Broadcast; Seeland are a Plone/ Broadcast spin-off and The Pastels I've always loved - their new stuff is quite soundtracky and gentle.
An association for the physically challenged has presented the Betonkopf (Concrete Head) Award to developer IBA Seeland for failing to commission a barrier-free environment.
Die Nibelungen zogen nach Danemark: Eine Neuinterpretation der Erzahlung 'Von Hven zwischen Seeland and Schonen'.
POLICY IN SOUTH ASIA 121, 132 (Klaus Seeland & Franz Schmithusen
2001, Sandewall/Nilsson 2001, Seeland 2000), foreign investment (i.
Thomas, who is now musical director of the Seeland Band (Switzerland) studied at Barnsley Technical College under Peter Parkes, while Sally did her course at Huddersfield University under Phillip McCann.
El operador European Rail Shuttle (ERS) creado por Maersk Seeland y P&O Nedloyd propone servicios entre Rotterdam, Hamburgo y Bremen con las terminales interiores de Alemania, Italia, Polonia y Eslovaquia.