Selective Dissemination of Information

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Selective Dissemination of Information

(SDI) (From Library Science) SDI is a current awareness system which alerts you to the latest publications in your specified field(s) of interest.

A user registers at such a system with keywords representing his or her fields of interest, called a search profile. When new publications matching the search profile appear, the system informs the user of them instantly, periodically or upon request. Some systems may also be able to inform the user if changes in already notified publications occur.

Health Science Library SDI. FIZ Karlsruhe Scientific Service Institution.
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The libraries surveyed repackage information in the following ways: translation, literacy, scientific/technical information, economic information, selective dissemination of information, etc.
Libraries can also disseminate information on NEPAD through lectures, Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI), notice boards, posters, displays, cuttings, seminars (published in print media).
They found that taking advantage of selective dissemination of information (SDI) services helped the scientists' efficiency in high scatter fields and actually reduced efficiency for those in low scatter fields.
The traditional services, such as reference service, current awareness services, and selective dissemination of information need be supplemented by "Selective Elimination of Information," the evaluation of information to separate quality information from junk.
One individual in particular, holding only the associate's degree, had created specialized files and retrieval methods in order to support technical documentation as well as a selective dissemination of information (SDI) system.

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