Self-Propelled Gun

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Self-Propelled Gun


an artillery gun on a self-propelled tank chassis.

Self-propelled guns were used during World War II to fight enemy tanks, provide tanks and infantry with accompanying fire to destroy and neutralize enemy manpower and fire weapons, and destroy enemy defensive structures. The guns are fired from open and concealed fire positions. Organizationally, in the armed forces of the USSR self-propelled guns were operated by the detached self-propelled artillery regiments of large mechanized units. Among the self-propelled guns developed and deployed in 1943–44 were light types weighing up to 20 tons (SU-76 and SU-57); medium, up to 40 tons (SU-85, SU-100, and SU-122); and heavy, more than 40 tons (SU-152, ISU-122, and ISU-152). The numbers 57, 76, and so on signified the caliber of the gun; the caliber was usually larger than that of the gun of the tank on whose chassis it was mounted. Self-propelled guns traveled at speeds of up to 55 km/hr, were operated by a crew of four or five men, and had a firing range of 8–15.7 km. Unlike tanks, self-propelled guns do not have rotating turrets.

During the Great Patriotic War, the active army received about 22,000 self-propelled guns, of which 59 percent were light, 21.5 percent medium, and 19.5 percent heavy. Self-propelled guns were also used by the armed forces of fascist Germany, the United States, and Great Britain. The Soviet models were superior in terms of mobility and fire power to the comparable guns of the fascist German Army (75, 105, 128, and 155 mm) and the Ferdinand 88-mm antitank assault gun. The US armed forces used 75-, 105-, 155-, and 203-mm self-propelled howitzers and 76-, 90-, and 155-mm self-propelled cannon. Great Britain had 76-mm cannon and 87.6-mm howitzer cannon.

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The army is also drawing specifications for 155 x 52 calibre track and wheeled self propelled gun.
56-ton (33,120 pounds) Vickers FV433 Abbot Self Propelled Gun, otherwise known as a modest-sized British tank.
Baskeyfield and his whole section were wounded as they repelled a German attack, destroying two tanks and a self propelled gun.
They were phased out of use in the early 90s replaced by the AS 90 self propelled gun and the 105mm light field gun.
Michael Cox, the group's legal adviser, said 2,000 fathers took part in the protest with one driving the Abbott self propelled gun to symbolise their "Dad's Army".
Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) will supply TAMAM's Modular Azimuth Position System (TMAPS) to the Israeli Ministry of Defense (IMOD) to be utilized on the M109 Self Propelled Guns of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).
The TMAPS is suitable for various types of platforms such as self propelled guns, towed guns, artillery radars, rocket launchers, mortars, observation vehicles and other kinds of vehicles, in different battlefield scenarios.
Russia, the United States, and European suppliers in general were principal suppliers of tanks and self propelled guns, APCs and armored cars, surface-to-air missiles, as well as helicopters.
62 calibre machine gun on an armoured vehicle as she guided eight huge AS90 self propelled guns to the front line.
The remaining six carried out a devastating attack on the barracks and destroyed anti-aircraft artillery ammunition, handheld SAM missiles, self propelled guns and other ammunition.
Extreme terrain vehicles are becoming more and more popular with collectors, many having sought out the old Alvis Stalwart, an absolute behemoth of a 6x6 ammunition carrier that could keep up with the astonishingly fast M107 self propelled guns in the ultimate test on tank ranges in the 70s.