Selznick, David O.

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Selznick, David O.,

1902–65, American film producer, b. Pittsburgh. He worked for studios in Hollywood before founding Selznick International Pictures in 1936. Selznick's most famous movie is Gone with the Wind (1939). His other important films include A Star Is Born (1937), The Prisoner of Zenda (1937), Rebecca (1940), Spellbound (1945), Duel in the Sun (1946), The Third Man (1949), and Tender Is the Night (1962). His second wife was the actress Jennifer Jones.


See R. Haver, Selznick's Hollywood (1980); B. Thomas, Selznick (1985); D. Thomson, Showman (1992).

Selznick, David O. (Oliver)

(1902–65) movie executive; born in Pittsburgh, Pa. Starting as an assistant to his father, Lewis Selznick, an early film producer, he worked for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) (1926–27), then Paramount (1927–31), and then RKO (1931–36) before forming his own company, Selznick International. He produced many successful films, the most famous being Gone With the Wind (1939), and later joined in European coproduction. His first wife, Irene Mayer, was the daughter of Louis B. Mayer of MGM; his second wife was Jennifer Jones, star of several of his films. He was renowned for intruding in his productions either through long detailed memos or, in the case of Gone With the Wind, actually directing a few scenes.
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Of course, Selznick pressed on and made one of the most popular films in history.
Selznick had sacked director George Cukor three weeks into filming the American Civil War movie and taken Fleming off the set of The Wizard of Oz to replace him.
We then got our 'media hats' on and began to analyse certain images from the opening--with a focus on their content, the camera angles and shots, and what Brian Selznick was communicating to us as readers.
Selznick comments that his readers often ask about this, and in early drafts he had considered including her, but she created narrative problems: "Initially I looked for places to put her into the story.
La capacidad de inspirar por medios formales e informales, simbolicos y conductuales, pero siempre congruentemente, al cumplimiento de esa mision hasta hacerla una fuerza organizacional, motivadora y cohesionadora que, como decia Selznick, imbuya un proposito a la organizacion.
The 1930s also witnessed the formation of Selznick International Pictures (SIP) following the producer's career at Paramount, RKO, and MGM.
The Invention of Hugo Cabret, by Brian Selznick was a revelation in that it told an amazing story in words and pictures.
De la mano de un melancolico huerfano de 12 anos que vive solo en el interior de la estacion, la historia de Selznick se mueve entre el genero fantastico y el de ciencia ficcion, en la medida en que el mundo real de todos los dias es sacudido por la intromision de elementos extraordinarios o mecanicos que la imaginacion de un nino potencia.
Selznick opens and closes his book with some soft pencil drawings of Earth's moon, that luminous disk on which so many human fantasies have been projected.
Once again, Selznick alternates text with pencil illustrations; this time the text tells one story while the pictures tell another, though at the end the stories intersect nicely.
Just as he did with "The Invention of Hugo Cabret" in 2007, Brian Selznick, in his new book "Wonderstruck," weaves a spellbinding story that melds text with striking shaded-pencil drawings.
Si movido por el titulo, el lector esta esperando encontrar en este libro de Philip Selznick conclusiones al estudio de las caracteristicas del lider o al analisis de diferentes estilos de liderazgo, debe abstenerse de leerlo.