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1. a small group of students meeting regularly under the guidance of a tutor, professor, etc., to exchange information, discuss theories, etc.
2. one such meeting or the place in which it is held
3. a higher course for postgraduates



a basic type of classroom work consisting of students’ discussions of the research papers they have prepared under the guidance of instructors. A seminar may also deal with a specific topic independently of a lecture course.

The seminar originated in ancient Greek and Roman schools, where students’ reports were accompanied by debates with the teachers and by the teachers’ comments and conclusions. The seminar underwent further development in Western European universities, where since the 17th century it has been oriented primarily toward students’ work with source materials, generally in the humanities.

Seminars were introduced in some departments of Russian universities in the early 19th century. Since the early 20th century, university seminars have aided in broadening students’ mastery of knowledge. Seminars familiarize students with the basic issues to be dealt with in a given field and with the research achieved in that field. There are three types of seminar. The first investigates in depth certain aspects of a given course of study. The second focuses on major topics of a course of study. The third type of seminar, the research or specialized seminar, deals with topics not covered in lectures.

In Soviet higher schools, seminars are a means by which students gain a more comprehensive grasp of a given subject. The students attain proficiency in applying Marxist-Leninist methodology to the branch of learning under study. They learn to carry out research, to formulate their findings, and to defend their viewpoints and conclusions. Seminars are widely used in political education.

What does it mean when you dream about a seminar?

In a seminar, the dreamer could be the leader dispersing knowledge or the participant receiving information. Does the dreamer feel a need to teach or learn? In some esoteric groups it is said that during sleep the soul attends classes “on the inner planes” (in the spiritual realm), so dreams about being in a classroom could be interpreted as reflecting this type of “spiritual learning” experience. (See also Class, School).

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