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An abnormal fear of light.



an increased visual sensitivity to daylight or artificial light. Photophobia may develop as a result of the inflammation of the anterior chamber of the eye (conjunctivitis, keratitis, and iridocyclitis), the entry of foreign bodies into the cornea, and the irritation of the unprotected eye during electric arc welding (electrophthalmia). Photophobia may also develop with albinism or with the artificial dilatation of the pupils after they fail to contract upon exposure to light, subjecting the retina to light rays. The condition is manifested by eyelid spasms, tearing, and eye pain.

Photophobia is treated by eliminating the main cause and by wearing dark glasses.

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CS is a rare genetic disorder that causes neurodegeneration, severe sensitivity to sunlight and failure to gain weight and grow at a normal rate.
Some medicines can trigger severe sensitivity to sunlight.
John's won-takers complained of dizziness, gastrointestinal upset, increased sensitivity to sunlight, fatigue, and confusion.
Certain medications may cause increased sensitivity to sunlight, so take extra precautions if using those treatments.
The patches are harmless and tend to fade during the winter, but are a sign of sensitivity to sunlight and of increased susceptibility to skin cancer.
Avoid medicines that may increase your sensitivity to sunlight, ask your pharmacist.
There's also a troublesome sensitivity to sunlight so she must wear sunblock.
When used as directed, Lumixyl appears to significantly help the skin's ability to diminish dark spots imparting users with brighter, more even skin tone while limiting irritation, red blotches or even sensitivity to sunlight.
The daughter of Marla Paxson and television visionary Bud Paxson, growing up in the sunshine state of Florida made her situation all the more tenuous as a result of debilitating skin sensitivity to sunlight.