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An abnormal fear of light.



an increased visual sensitivity to daylight or artificial light. Photophobia may develop as a result of the inflammation of the anterior chamber of the eye (conjunctivitis, keratitis, and iridocyclitis), the entry of foreign bodies into the cornea, and the irritation of the unprotected eye during electric arc welding (electrophthalmia). Photophobia may also develop with albinism or with the artificial dilatation of the pupils after they fail to contract upon exposure to light, subjecting the retina to light rays. The condition is manifested by eyelid spasms, tearing, and eye pain.

Photophobia is treated by eliminating the main cause and by wearing dark glasses.

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Farzana, seven, from Barry, who suffers from Xeroderma Pigmentosum, a rare genetic condition which gives her increased sensitivity to sunlight, had her dream turned into a reality by the charity Make-A-Wish Foundation UK.
To cope with her sensitivity to sunlight, "living in Southern California I revamped the wardrobe.
It would warn consumers that the product could increase the skin's sensitivity to sunlight, and would recommend that they use sunscreen and limit sun exposure until at least a week after they stop using the cosmetic.
One theory is that the squinting indicates a sensitivity to sunlight.
It was only a decade ago that scientists began to classify compounds, especially certain classes of pharmaceutical agents, that could result in increased sensitivity to sunlight in someone exposed to them, says Donald Forbes, a researcher at Argus Laboratories in Horsham, Pennsylvania, and an adviser to the National Toxicology Program on the development of the phototoxicology laboratory.
At high doses, it may also increase sensitivity to sunlight, an effect that so far has been found only in cattle that graze heavily on it.
Many of the rest, particularly children, developed porphyrias--diseases causing neurological damage and disfiguring skin sensitivity to sunlight.
A twilight Walk holds special significance for people living with lupus, many who experience sensitivity to sunlight, which can cause an individual's lupus to flare or worsen.
Some medicines can trigger severe sensitivity to sunlight.