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river, c.700 mi (1,130 km) long, N Papua New Guinea, rising near the border of Indonesia's Papua prov. and Papua New Guinea. It flows east through a large swampy basin to the Bismarck Sea. The river drains a vast mountainous region of central New Guinea and is navigable for small craft c.300 mi (480 km) upstream.
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She was not on a buying trip per se, although she did purchase some carvings, rather she was under contract with UBC to organise our foray up the river as part of the preparation for an exhibition "In the Footprint of the Crocodile Man: Contemporary Arts of the Sepik river, Papua New Guinea.
Fieldwork among the Eastern Iatmul, middle Sepik River, PNG, was graciously supported in 1988-1990 by the Fulbright Foundation, the Institute for Intercultural Studies, and the Graduate School and Department of Anthropology at the University of Minnesota; in 1994 by the Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research and DePauw University; in 2008 by Wheelock College; in 2010 by Wheelock College and the Institute for Money, Technology, and Financial Inclusions at the University of California at Irvine; and in 2014 by a Gordon Marshall Fellowship from Wheelock College.
The arrow heads were made from limbum wood or from heavy wire and pieces of metal that they traded from people traveling up and down the Sepik River.
Having himself conducted studies of carvers in the Sepik River region of northern New Guinea, he reports that the accumulated weight of scholarship "leaves no doubt that all cultures have some form of art in perfectly intelligible Western senses of the term.
In Chapter 6 he provides a comparison between different artistic systems--those of Yolngu (from Arnhem Land in northern Australia) and Abelam (from the Sepik River region in Papua New Guinea).
In many instances, stylistic variations of the 4-pointed star with a circle in the middle have been recorded as a design drawn on the belly of sculptured anthropomorphs, and anthropomorphs carved on wooden boards, bark belts and bowls from areas of the Sepik river region, the northern coastal region of Papua New Guinea and across the Papuan Gulf (details in Brady 2005).
Papua New Guinea - a 14km race rowing upstream while standing up against Sepik river people
They typically live off fish from the Sepik River and wild boar that they hunt in the jungle, and their chief source of income is crocodile skin.
Our expedition was from Rabaul in Papua New Guinea to Cairns via the Sepik River, Madang, Tami and Tuff Islands, Fergusson Island in the D'Entrecasteaux group, Samurai Island, Kwato Island and Milne Bay.
This complex and its linkages were disrupted by a series of natural events, including the infilling of the Sepik-Ramu sea, following which the food base shifted to sago and yam cultivation, and led to the marked contrasts in population density north and south of the Sepik River.
An amphibious landing at Dove Bay, near Wewak, in May, strongly supported by RAAF aircraft and ships of the Royal Australian Navy and Royal Navy, drove what was left of the Wewak garrison inland, augmenting their forces in the mountains and the Sepik River system, where the Army and the RAAF continued the offensive.