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A piece of dead or detached bone within a cavity, abscess, or wound.



a piece of tissue that has died as a result of a circulatory disorder and become separated from the surrounding healthy tissue. A sequestrum may develop, for example, during osteomyelitis. Sequestration may also occur in lung, tendon, or muscle tissue. While in the body, a sequestrum continuously promotes the suppurative process. A sequestrum may be discharged from the body with the flow of pus; sometimes, however, it is necessary to remove it surgically

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Flaky sequestrum is present inside the osteolytic area in majority of the cases; if doubtful on radiographys, a CT scan can help to delineate it.
The CT scan could better delineate the sequestrum inside the lytic lesion in second case reported here, which was not evident on plain radiograph.
Patients with isolated patellar tuberculosis (as demonstrated in lateral and skyline view radiographs of the knee) show lytic lesion with or without marginal sclerosis that may contain a flaky sequestrum.
Caption: Figure 1 Skyline view radiograph of left knee showing an osteolytic lesion with marginal sclerosis in the patella with sequestrum in the center (Case 1).
Caption: Figure 2 Lateral radiograph showing a contained osteolytic lesion with central sequestrum without sclerosis (Case 2).
The term "involucrum" refers to the layer of living bone that surrounds the sequestrum.
1] The local type is characterized by the presence of a bone sequestrum that is confined to the external auditory canal.
2) Detection of chronic osteomyelitis is also difficult because a sequestrum is visible in only 9% of cases.
Stage IV: Calcified plate, sequestrum or flap fragment with radiolucency and sclerotic halo.