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A piece of dead or detached bone within a cavity, abscess, or wound.



a piece of tissue that has died as a result of a circulatory disorder and become separated from the surrounding healthy tissue. A sequestrum may develop, for example, during osteomyelitis. Sequestration may also occur in lung, tendon, or muscle tissue. While in the body, a sequestrum continuously promotes the suppurative process. A sequestrum may be discharged from the body with the flow of pus; sometimes, however, it is necessary to remove it surgically

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aureus + Ceftriaxone group was characterized by the presence of severe and acute suppurative inflammation plus bone sequestrum (acute suppurative osteomyelitis) extending to the fracture site and the periosteal surface.
Corneal sequestrum is a disease characterized by collagenolysis and necrosis of collagenous stroma leading to formation of amber to black pigmentation in anterior stroma (Startup, 1988).
The persistence of infection might be explained by a questionable initial antimicrobial drug regimen but also by spore formation and/or poor diffusion of antimicrobial drugs, as suggested by the presence of necrotic tissues such as the bone sequestrum.
Next, I was introduced to a cat from the Blue Cross, Jill, who had corneal sequestrum in one of her eyes.
6] Our patient was immunocompetent but developed extensive osteomyelitis involving about two thirds of the humerus sparing proximal bone with separated sequestrum which was removed.
Infrequently, a bony sequestrum may be present; however, this can also be seen in osteomyelitis, fibrosarcoma and primary lymphoma of bone.
Further analysis found that the antibody prevented formation of sequestrum, or a piece of dead bone, which is a hallmark of osteomyelitis.
It has expanded and new conditions like congenital vertebral malformation, erythropoietic porphyria, incarcerated umbilical hernia, bleeding calf syndrome, besnoitiosis, tail sequestrum, rib fracture, abomasal impaction, tuberculosis, cardiac tamponade from tire wire, digital dermatitis, crushed tail head, BVD/MD retinopathy, botulism, fatty liver syndrome, persistent preputial frenulum, ischemic teat necrosis, and jejunal hemorrhagic syndrome.
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