Series Connection

series connection

[′sir·ēz kə‚nek·shən]
A connection that forms a series circuit.

Series Connection


in electrical engineering:

(1) A connection of two-terminal networks that causes a common current to be carried through the networks, since there is only a single path for the current. Series-connected electric power sources are used to obtain a voltage that exceeds the electromotive force of a single source. If power-consuming devices, or loads, are series-connected, the voltage across the loads is distributed proportionately to the resistances of the loads. Disconnecting one element interrupts the current flow in all parts of the circuit.

(2) A connection of four-terminal networks when the voltage and the current at the output of the preceding network are equal to the corresponding voltage and current at the input of the next network. Series-connected four-terminal networks are used to increase attenuation or amplification in signal conversion devices; they are also used in electric simulation of a combination of elements of automatic-control systems.

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Contract notice: Wire Interconnection Stringer Is Used For The Series Connection Of Crystalline Solar Cells To Solar Cell Strings, Wherein Soldered Round Wires Are Used As Connecting Conductors
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It maximizes chip capacity as the cells are connected in series connection and occupies lesser space than the ones connected in parallel connection.
In the present study, we employed a series connection of the unit model formed elastically and next to each other, and examined whether the revised model was able to reproduce myofibril SPOC.
The CRLH TL has a band-pass characteristic and consists of series resonance at series connection and parallel resonance at shunt connection.
It is worthy of note that series connection of emergency stop devices is unlikely to incur a loss of diagnostic coverage, because it's unlikely that any two E-stops will be actuated simultaneously or as frequently as once an hour.
Smart features include edge-to-edge detection, series connection, built-in muting and blanking, highly visible indicators, quick disconnect cable options and monitoring software.
All three former Sox had a World Series connection - Scott in 1967, Carbo in 1975 and Gedman in 1986.
No-one who came from overseas-and because of the Emirates World Series connection they came from just about everywhere in racing terms-left with anything except admiration.
For example, when calculating signal and noise parameters of a series connection of two two-port circuits, for example, in the case of an amplifier with a series feedback, signal parameters of both two-port circuits are converted into corresponding Z-parameters.
Series connection of the IXBOD2TM is also possible to extend the system voltage protected to over 10kV.
However, the series connection approach introduces one serious flaw: the current through all series elements must be the same, so the entire PV string is forced to operate down to the level of the weakest cell strings.