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A rock composed almost entirely of serpentine minerals. Also known as serpentine rock.



(also serpentine rock), a metamorphic rock formed as a result of the serpentinization of ultrabasic rocks and consisting of minerals of the serpentine group. Serpentinite is used as a construction material, in particular, as a facing material; translucent varieties of serpentinite (ophicalcite) are used in industry. Serpentinite occurs in ophiolite zones.

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1) which is intruded along the easterly dipping thrust fault operating between El-Rubshi serpentinites and metagabbro-diorite complexes (El-Desoky et al.
All those buildings on Wall Street that have green marble with white streaks through it are made of hydrated serpentinites," Dick said.
141, states: "Asbestos means the asbestiform varieties of serpentinite (chrysotile), riebeckite (crocidolite), cummingtonite-grunerite, anthophyllite, and actinolite-tremolite.
Outcrops of serpentinite, belonging to the obducted Oman-UAE ophiolite, outcrop in places along the Faya range (Farrant et al.
Metaguartzite, Oil shale, Mudstone, Granite gneiss, Granite, Diorite, Serpentinite, Gabbro and Conglomerate), which has been recognized as an important and fundamental topic for understanding the Earth's history and processes (Kortz & Murray, 2009).
The linear structure is attributable to the presence of serpentinite, which is associated with gold mineralization.
L A Diaz, R Torrecillas, "Porcelain stoneware obtained from the residual muds of serpentinite raw materials", Journal of the European Ceramic Society 27.
2003), and this origin will also be reflected in the newly formed serpentinite group minerals.
Among specific topics are implications of mixed provenance for serpentinite matrix melange formation, constraints on the evolution of the Mesohellenic Ophiolite from subophiolitic metamorphic rocks, and sedimentary block-in-matrix fabric affected by tectonic shear at the Miocene Nabae complex in Japan.
The results suggest that the presence of serpentinite on roads is associated with an increased risk for MM.
Furthermore, large areas of exposed serpentinite with known nickel mineralisation remain untested by drilling.