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Greece: see SérraiSérrai
, Siris
, or Serres
, Lat. Serrae or Serrhae, city (1991 pop. 50,390), capital of Sérrai prefecture, NE Greece, in Macedonia. It is a trade center for tobacco, grain, and livestock.
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La Serre is located at the Vida Hotel Downtown on Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard.
Le nouveau projet agricole, qui sera lance dans la region de Laatilet, permettra aux beneficiaires de lots de cultures sous serre d'irriguer leurs exploitations a partir du puits geothermique de cette region.
On our visit, the Serre Chevalier slopes were quiet with no lift queues and it remains a largely undiscovered resort for Brits.
Our work provides the first report on genome-wide variation of this malaria parasite and provides the malaria research community with more than 80,000 genetic markers that can now be used for trait mapping or population monitoring," Serre said.
Serre may have been angry because in October 1940 his consulship had been revoked by the British Government because of the wartime situation.
Oddly you won't find the name Serre Chevalier on any map - the collective name given to the 13 villages and towns of the Guisane Valley, close to the Italian border.
Serre says the company currently serves 24 major cities and 500 communities across Ontario, Montreal and Gatineau, and has 11 independent companies wholesaling its services.
Serre and his team, including MSgt Rich Seslar and SSgt Geoffrey Schurman, pioneered the MICI, which is a completely mobile cargo processing system on wheels.
Ces resultats indiquent que l'on devrait redoubler les efforts pour reduire les emissions de gaz a effet de serre, tant au Canada qu'a l'etranger.
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In between elementary school bus runs for Oconomowoc Transport Company in Wisconsin, you'll likely find driver Trudy Serres spending her time crocheting.