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a small, esp wooded hollow


A small, secluded valley or vale.


(Dell Inc., Round Rock, TX, A leading PC manufacturer, founded in 1984 by Michael Dell. Originally selling under the "PCs Limited" brand, Dell was the first to legitimize direct sales of PCs by mail order and to provide quality telephone support. It was also the first major manufacturer to pre-load applications selected by the customer. In 2007, after more than two decades of direct sales, Dell expanded into the retail channel, and for the first time, people would see Dell products in chains such as Wal-Mart and Staples.

The company's rise was extraordinary. In 1991, after only seven years in business, it made the Fortune 500, ranking 490, with sales of USD $546 million. In 2007, Dell ranked 34 on the list with revenues of $61 billion. With more than 200 patents covering current and future computer systems and related technologies, Dell has been a major force in the industry.

In 2015, Dell announced the largest tech acquisition in history by acquiring storage vendor EMC for USD $67 billion. In that transaction, Dell also becomes the owner of VMware virtualization and RSA security software. See EMC, VMware and RSA.

Michael S. Dell
From Inc. Magazine's "Entrepreneur of the Year" to PC Magazine's "Man of the Year," Dell has received numerous awards for his management abilities. He started the company in 1984 with $1,000. (Image courtesy of Dell Inc.)
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An alphanumeric service tag number is located on the front of the seat tube and this number can be used to determine if the bicycle is affected by going to the firm's website.
After telling the agent--Emmanuel was his name--about my weak battery, there was a slight pause as he checked nay service tag number and told me the battery was no longer under warranty.
An alphanumeric service tag number located on the front of the seat tube will be requested.
Consumers themselves can get more out of their customer-service interactions in a number of ways: First, before you contact Dell or any product maker, make sure you have your account, product or service tag numbers ready.
Rainmaker developed an e-commerce site for HP that enables customers to enter a service tag (unique identifier) and receive a quote along with optimum service-level options.
Windows 2000-Based Readiness Advisor: Any Dell customer can utilize the Web-based &uot;Readiness Advisor&uot; which uses their Dell system's service tag number to provide upgrade advice for their specific PC or server to Windows 2000.
a) To redeem the Special Offer for Dell Customers, customers must own a Dell system and must provide their service tag number and one of the following: customer number, zip code, purchase order number.

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