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an ancient Thracian city. The ruins of Seu-thopolis, which are located near the village of Koprinka, 8 km west of the city of Kazanlyk, Bulgaria, were investigated by D. P. Dimitrov from 1948 to 1954.

Seuthopolis was founded in the late fourth century B.C., apparently by King Seuthes III, and was destroyed in the late third century B.C. A fortress wall, up to 2 m thick, surrounded an area of 5 hectares. A public square—the agora—was in the center, and in the northern corner there was an additional fortification, where the remains of the residence of Thracian kings were found. Adjacent to the fortress was a settlement with the poor huts of farmers. The finds attest to the development of various crafts in the city and of trade with Greek cities. Burials of nobles and commoners were found near the site.


Dimitrov, D. P. “Sevtopol’—Frakiiskii gorod bliz sela Koprinka Ka-zanlykskogo raiona.” Sovetskaia arkheologiia, 1957, no. 1.
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It is a mark of the complexity of the sources that no-one seems to agree on where: suggestions include Seuthopolis, Kabyle, Arkovna, Tuleus or somewhere else again, unidentified.
Contractor address : Square Seuthopolis No 15A, office 22-23
An entire Thracian city, Seuthopolis, west of the city of Kazanluk, was excavated, although it was subsequently submerged beneath the reservoir then under construction.