Severnyi Vestnik

Severnyi Vestnik


(The Northern Messenger), a monthly literary, scholarly, and sociopolitical journal published in St. Petersburg between 1885 and 1898. Until May 1890, the editor of Severnyi Vestnik was A. M. Evreinova. The main contributors were writers and publicists closely associated with Narod-nik (Populist) circles, such as V. G. Korolenko, N. K. Mikhai-lovskii, G. I. Uspenskii, and S. N. Krivenko. The journal also published works by A. P. Chekhov.

In 1891, when L. la. Gurevich became publisher and A. Volynskii (A. L. Flekser) de facto editor, Severnyi Vestnik began advocating idealist philosophy and symbolist aesthetics and promoting the work of such symbolists as N. M. Minskii, D. S. Merezhkovskii, Z. N. Hippius, F. Sologub, and K. D. Bal’-mont. However, it also published works by D. N. Mamin-Sibir-iak, A. I. Ertel’, P. D. Boborykin, N. S. Leskov, L. N. Tolstoy, and M. Gorky. The journal was often subjected to persecutions by the tsarist censorship.


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