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severy, civery

2. One bay or compartment in a vaulted ceiling or structure.
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219 (a) (b) cm of 5 oysters, Texas; Rose & Bodansky (1920) 1,299 (a) (b) cm of 5 oysters, Texas; Bodansky (1920) 150 (a) 850 (a) One eastern oyster; Severy (1923) 109 (b) cm of 9 lots of "white" oysters: Galtsoff & Whipple (1930) 1,954 Mean of 6 "green" oysters; Galtsoff & Whipple (1930) 426 (a) North Atlantic states, winter; Coulson et al.
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However, other studies have found that consistent condom use by young women is associated with less frequent sexual intercourse (Glor & Severy, 1990; Weisman, Plichta, Nathanson, Ensmigner, & Robinson, 1991).
This partnership shows that the solar molding process can deliver high-quality, reduced-cost parts for manufacturers right out of the gate," said Mark Severy, a consultant at LightManufacturing.
Severy LJ and McKillop K, Low-income women's perceptions of family planning service alternatives, Family Planning Perspectives, 1990, 22(4):150-157 & 168.
Kevin Robert Severy, 19, and Felicia Renee Webb, 20, both of Florence.
The community lunch club is for older people and meet severy Monday at St Phillip and St James's Church Hall.
Lisa Severy, director of career services for the University of Colorado at Boulder, says what employers seek hasn't changed over the years.
Rather than running a satellite office, our pounds 15 million broadcast centre - still the most advanced in Europe - produces regional and digital programming as well as live network transmissions severy days a week.