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These investments will mainly go into five mega water desalination projects and three sewage treatment plants," Al-Abdalla said.
The consultancy firm, Usman and Company, had proposed five sites where sewage treatment plants should be built.
Our solutions comprise independent review of different technologies, troubleshooting, researches, consultant support and Cost effective and efficient STP in Low cost we offer the best Sewage Treatment Plant.
The second phase of the project includes construction of a Thermal Drying Plant (TDP) to process sludge from the sewage treatment plant.
The sewage treatment plant lies in the suburb of Al Warsan 2 that borders several clusters of the Nakheel-developed International City.
The projects are located in luxury resorts and include sea water desalination installations and sewage treatment plants that will be completed over the course of this year.
5 MLD Sewage Treatment Plant in Balabag has exemplified continuous compliance to DENR standards, allowing the company to be recognized as one of the champions of Boracay Beach Management Program.
which would firstly construct five township sewage treatment plants (Phase I) with a daily treatment capacity of 16,000 tonnes per day.
With the sewage treatment plants, the city government wants to address market waste, which is similar to domestic sewage mostly composed of fish scales, bones, blood, meat bits, dirt, and filthy water that could pollute streams and rivers if discharged untreated to bodies of water.
The smell has reduced almost 90 per cent in the last three years, and [the residents] might have psychological effects from living so close to the sewage treatment plant," he said.
Lower flows can result in higher concentrations of nutrients in the rivers--chemicals such as phosphorous, nitrate and ammonia--from sewage treatment plant effluent and overland runoff.
Summary: Dubai Municipality announces task force to find ways to contain, control and minimise the odour emissions from the Dubai based Al Aweet Sewage Treatment Plant