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Bering Straits Native Corporation, headquartered in Nome, wants to develop the Port Clarence site seventy miles northwest of Nome on the Seward Peninsula.
ST] comparisons: between species, between Seward Peninsula (i.
In areas of Alaska that lack diversity of winter forage species like the Seward Peninsula, moose consume willow almost exclusively and are known to remove >55% of the current annual twig growth (Bowyer and Neville 2003).
All of these issues are superimposed upon the vastness of the Seward Peninsula, a remarkable land with a remarkable history.
Today, the distance across the Bering Strait from Siberia to Alaska's Seward Peninsula is approximately 55 miles, and the waters of that part of the country are harsh.
owns 284 State of Alaska mining claims at several locations near Granite Mountain on the eastern Seward Peninsula of Alaska.
The Seward Peninsula moose population has been declining precipitously for more than 15 years, the cause(s) of which is unclear at this point.
The Graphite Creek Property on the Seward Peninsula of Alaska fits with the Graphite One business strategy offering significant potential for the discovery and development of a large flake, graphite deposit exposed at surface.
Likewise, we separated data from the Seward Peninsula (GMU 22) because moose had recently colonized that tundra area from nearby taiga.
The town of Nome doesn't typically pop up on the radar as a first choice for holding a conference, perched as it is on the far reaches of Alaska's Seward Peninsula.
Another corporation looking at port development is Bering Straits Native Corporation at Port Clarence on the Seward Peninsula, which is also one of the sites selected by the US Army Corps of Engineers as a potential deep-water port.
At a moment when dominant global supplier China is restricting exports of graphite, Graphite One Resources' huge Graphite Creek property on the Seward Peninsula in Alaska is on a fast track development to open a mine by 2017.