Pumping Station

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pumping station

[′pəmp·iŋ ‚stā·shən]
(civil engineering)
A building in which two or more pumps operate to supply fluid flowing at adequate pressure to a distribution system.

Pumping Station


a structure that usually consists of a building and pump units (operating and standby), pipelines, and auxiliary equipment. Pumping station buildings may be above ground (with no connection between the foundations of the walls and the equipment), semisubterranean (with a shaft to permit location of the pumps at the required level above the medium being pumped), or subterranean. There are also floating pumping stations (located on a barge or pontoon).

Modern pumping stations use manual, automatic, or remote control. Pumping stations are a part of water-supply and sewer systems and are used in petroleum pipelines, irrigation and drainage systems, and navigable canals.


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Tenders are invited for Construction Of Civil Component Of Munjka Sewerage Pumping Station Along With Retaining Wall Under Rajkot Underground Sewerage Project Phase-Iii Part Ii
Extended Aeration System with Anoxic Zone (EASWAZ) for dentification and Sub-surface constructed wetland (SSCW) CV-disinfection unit, Sewerage Pumping Station (2 Nos.
Tenders are invited for Underground Sewerage System For Diu Town:- (1) Construction Of Sewerage Pumping Station Zone-I & Zone Ii.
Tenders are invited for Providing filling and placing in position ocement concrete bags in N Choe for diversion of flow from N Choe to sewerage pumping station Sector 52 Chandigarh Ch to A mtc of sewerage system 2014 15.
He also directed the TMAs to activate their services particularly removal of garbage from all storm water drains and to ensure proper maintenance of de-watering pumps, proper functioning and maintenance of sewerage pumping stations, logistic arrangements for evacuation of population/ live stock from low lying areas.
KARACHI -- Secretary Local Government, Sindh, Ali Ahmed Lund and Managing Director Karachi Water & Sewerage Board (KWSB) Misbahuddin Farid visited Sewerage Pumping Stations in Lyari.
O&M of sewerage system and treatment Tender no: GT11111200 Description: Contractor shall supply all manpower, materials, spares, consumables etc and carryout the operation and maintenance of the facilities that includes 2 No domestic waste water treatment plants, 18 No sewerage pumping stations, associated sewerage network, TSE network etc.
Managing Director KWSB Misbahuddin Fareed, presiding over a meeting, asked all his senior officers to ensure safety and proper working of KWSB installations including bulk water supply lines, filter plants, pumping stations, reservoirs, treatment plants, sewerage lines, sewerage pumping stations during the monsoon rains, said a release here on Sunday.
Misbahuddin also called for keeping the sewerage pumping stations active.
b) sewers:- The sewer network in Chlum Trebon a total length of 10,357 km with 315 sewer connections, lighterage 3 chambers 1 and sewage pumping station,- The sewer network in Lutov a total length of 2,563 km with 79 sewer connections and 4 sewer pumping stations,- The sewer network in E[degrees]tec a total length of 4,267 km with 108 sewer connections and 3 sewerage pumping stations,- The sewer network in Mirochov a total length of 1,599 km with 63 sewer connections and two sewer pumping stations.