Seyid Äzim Shirvani

Seyid Äzim Shirvani


Born July 9, 1835, in Shemakha; died there May 20, 1888. Azerbaijani poet and enlightener.

Seyid Äzim Shirvani received advanced religious training in Iraq. Upon returning to his homeland, he gave up the religious life and opened a private school. He wrote amorous lyrical gha-zals in the style of Fizuli. In his satirical verses and fables he ridiculed religious leaders, attacked backwardness and ignorance, and supported enlightenment and cultural progress. Poets of the time looked upon Seyid Äzim Shirvani as their mentor.


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In Russian translation:
Obrashehenie k synu. Baku, 1961.


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