Shaped Charge

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shaped charge

[′shāpt ′chärj]
An explosive charge with a shaped cavity that forces the impact of the explosion to the front so that there is an armor-piercing force. Also known as cavity charge.

Shaped Charge


a charge of explosive matter with a conical, spherical, or wedge-shaped hollow whose action is based on a cumulative effect.

The purpose of the shaped charge is the controlled destruction of solid materials. Shaped charges with a conical hollow—the height of which is equal to the diameter of the hollow opening and which has a metal lining (with a thickness of about one-thirtieth of the diameter of the hollow opening)—will pierce steel armor whose thickness is approximately four times the diameter of the hollow opening. Shaped charges are used in armor-piercing shells, in blasting caps, and for pulverizing odd-shaped rocks in quarries and breaking up other objects. A typical example of the use of shaped charges in military activity is in antitank rocket projectiles. These shells have a large hollow head which ensures that the shell explodes at the right distance from the obstacle so that its armor-piercing effect will be maximal. Another example is the linear shaped charge, which is elongated and has a metallined wedge-shaped hollow in the form of a trough. These charges are used to cut metal sheets, cores, and design elements, in particular when taking down surface and underwater structures.


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The high explosive version of the RPG-7 could not penetrate any of the infantry fighting vehicles, but the shaped charge version normally would.
When fired through automobile windshields or doors, the round behaves much like a shaped charge, penetrating the barrier and setting up a highly focused pressure wave delivering a blunt trauma blow to anything 2 to 3 feet beyond the barrier.
Although the SeaFox looks as though it has been designed for use as a scale model in a Futuristic remake of The Hunt for Red October, the quad-prop, stealth-looking autonomous underwater vehicle's CCTV camera and large calibre shaped charge are currently sniffing out and destroying submerged threats for a variety of navies around the world.
Te use of an insensitive explosive in the shaped charge warhead makes the system safer, as it is less vulnerable to fragments from exploding munitions or small-arms fire.
By tinkering with the chemical mixture in shaped charge warheads, Stults is creating a "plasma antenna" that will direct an electromagnetic pulse at the target.
Colonel Carl said it was the second such shaped charge found in Afghanistan, and that it was a little more sophisticated that the first.
They could opt for a shaped charge warhead to strike an armored vehicle, for example, or a small fragmentation warhead to defeat softer targets.
The basic Konkurs is wire-guided and has a shaped charge warhead.
Amap-SC against shaped charge rounds, and Amap-X protecting against threats.