see JinshaJinsha
, formerly Shashi
or Shasi
, city (1994 est. pop. 683,000), S Hubei prov., China, on the Chang River. It is an important trade center for the N Dongting Lake basin and the site of a massive reservoir built to protect the central Hubei plains from
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, China.
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Likewise, the lawmakers elected from the CPN-Maoist Centre include Rekha Sharma, Purna Kumari Subedi, Satya Pahadi, Dharma Sheel Chapagain, Sita Pokharel, Jayapuri Gharti, Shasi Shrestha, Onsari Gharti, Yashoda Guurng, Amrita Thapa, Anajan Bishankhe, Durga BK, Indu Sharma, Bodh Maya Yadav, Ram Kumari Chaudhary, Shesh Chandtara and Hit Raj Pande.
Sedimentary environment geochemistry in the Shasi section of southern ramp, Dongying depression.
2 overs ( Imran 38, Shasi 35; Guru 1-13) bt RKCT 140-5 in 20 overs (Rajiv 48*, Guru 24; Imran 2-21) by 6 wickets.
16) Sen, "The Idea of India," cited in Shasi Tharoor, Catalysts (January 18, 2006).
Shazad Shasi (28) of Clifford Road, Newtown, who admitted robbery, possessing a firearm and possessing a firearm with intent, was sen-tenced to 12 years imprisonment.
After using a shotgun to shoot off a lock, Shasi and Masih and another man, who were all wearing balaclavas with eyeholes, burst in wielding the gun and a hammer as the owner and family members were preparing to put stock away in a safe.
They specify the result state of an event and convey that the state was reached, as in dapole huaping ('break the vase,' literally 'hit-break'), lachangle shengzi ('stretch the rope out long,' literally 'pull-long'), Zhangsan shasi ta le ('Zhangsan killed him,' literally 'kill-dead').
Shasi Tharoor, Under-Secretary--General for Communications and Public Information, encouraged the attendees to do a better job of publicizing and advocating for the MDGs.
First: The Indian School, Bahrain (Pravan S Kumar, Ankur Sen Gupta and Akhil Gopal) Second: New Indian School, Bahrain (Jeffry Issac, Jeryl Jacob and Ashwin Sangameswaran) Third: International Indian School, Riyadh (Akhil Gopinath, Shalini Shasi and Jithin Samuel George)
Mr Moodi Shasi, the hospital's clinical co-ordinator for the colposcopy service, told the meeting that standards in the department had improved following the investigation but were still not ideal.
Events like the collapse of US oil trader Enron and the current credit crisis have emphasised the need for good corporate governance and the need for companies to have liability insurance for their officers, according to Chubb speciality insurance manager vice-president for the Asia Pacific zone Shasi Gangadharan.