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(engineering acoustics)
Removing material from the surface of a disk recording medium to obtain a new recording surface.
(mechanical engineering)
Cutting off a thin layer from the surface of a workpiece.
Trimming uneven edges from stampings, forgings, and tubing.



in gear cutting, the finishing of untempered teeth on gear wheels by cutting thin chips with a shaver. Gear shaving is carried out on gear-shaving machines. It produces surfaces with an accuracy up to class 6 and a surface roughness up to class 8.

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I take a break from shaving during summer, but keep shaving my armpits.
According to the brand, the balm helps to solve the five common shaving issues with five key benefits: non-burning, all-day moisturizing, help in preventing bumps, soothing redness and helping to fight ingrown hairs.
8 August 2016 - US-based shaving supplies seller The Grooming Network has acquired online shaving gear seller ClassicShaving.
Continuous shaving can lead to dark, bumpy and unsightly underarms that you wouldn't be able to flaunt.
He worked for some of the best establishments in the world such as Truefitt & Hill, which originally served as the main barbers for the British Royal family and New York's prestigious, The Art of Shaving.
After months of fallout in consumer demand for razors and blades -- more men letting their facial hair grow -- and resistance to costly replacement cartridges, suppliers have countered with innovations in the form of products targeted to meet specific shaving needs and, counter-intuitively, price hikes.
Figure 7: Canada - Shaving Products: Retail market segmentation by value (m CAD) - 2011
Jeremy Gates hops aboard the trend train for a razor-sharp wet shave: SHAVING at home can seem a dull, daily chore, but there's something decadently indulgent about treating yourself to a professional wet shave.
Throughout lune, Gross abstained from shaving in order to raise awareness and support the Steve and Matjorie Harvey Foundation.
Product improvements within the shaving care arena are raising the bar when it comes to a close and comfortable shave.