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Shays, Daniel


Born circa 1747 in Hopkinton, Mass, (now in New Hampshire); died Sept. 29, 1825, in Sparta, N.Y. Leader of a rebellion of poor farmers in the USA in 1786 and 1787.

From 1775 to 1780, Shays fought in the American Revolution. In 1777 he received the rank of captain for distinction in battle. After the war, Shays engaged in farming. In 1786 he headed a rebellion in Massachusetts (seeSHAYS’ REBELLION). After it was defeated, Shays was sentenced to death in 1787 but was pardoned in 1788.

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He has already raised more money than any previous Shays opponent--over $1 million before the state convention.
Few conservatives would shed a tear if a squish like Shays lost his seat.
Shays said he wanted to meet with the president before he casts his vote.
By 1786, Shays and many fellow farmers found themselves struggling under heavy debts, exacerbated by high taxes imposed by Gov.
In August that year, disgusted that the state Legislature had concluded its business without taking up matters of importance to residents west of Boston, Shays and others, calling themselves Regulators, shut down the Northampton court.
Shays, who helps large companies set up intrapreneurial training programs, says the business plan should include how much the venture can make, how the employer can back out of the deal with minimal loss, the resources needed, the customer base and how the company will recoup its investment.
If your company doesn't have such a program, Shays advises finding a sponsor and/or protector in upper management who can protect the development of your idea from the corporate bureaucracy and shield you from the repercussions of failure.
Shays said the other boy had been picking on his nephew, a middle school student, for months and that his wife had spoken to school authorities and police numerous times about the situation.
Shays said his wife thought that letting the two boys fight could be a way to end their differences.
and his wife Serena, Eric Shays and his fiance Jennifer and Jonathan Shays all from Northborough; a daughter, Shelly Shays and her fiance Keefe of Northborough; his mother, Phyllis (Mossa) Lavallee of St.
She also recently revealed that it isn't uncommon for her to get private hate mail on Instagram from seeming Shay Carl's fans.
Speaking YouTuber Keemstar, Aria said she exposed the relationship after she felt Shay had wronged her.