Shays' Rebellion

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Shays’ Rebellion

armed insurrection by Massachusetts farmers against the state government (1786). [Am. Hist.: NCE, 2495]
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The Massachusetts government did not provide for an inexpensive means of recording debts until after Shays' Rebellion.
Accounts of Shays' Rebellion cast doubt on the existence of an institutionalized recording system in Massachusetts during the colonial period and suggest, as a general matter, that colonial courts were far more costly and inefficient than colonial legal scholars have described.
In 1787, Shays' Rebellion suffered a setback when debt-ridden farmers led by Capt.
The modern Occupy Wall Street movement is similar to Shays' Rebellion, and one of the leaders of that rebellion is buried right here in town.
They understood the bitterness left by Shays' Rebellion and they also must have known that this might be the only chance to attain an effective government system.
On the one hand, Shays' Rebellion led to the collapse of political authority in parts of Massachusetts.
It has had some brushes with history, as in 1788 during the Shays' Rebellion when Capt.
In 1787, Massachusetts was hard hit by the depression that led to Shays' Rebellion.
Otherwise, fans will stage New England's first revolution since Shays' Rebellion.
Supplies of money had been a problem for years, particularly during Shays' Rebellion in the 1780s, when bankrupt farmers who could not pay their taxes and mortgages closed down the courts.
Historic house tours, garden tours, a Shays' Rebellion re-enactment and a historic fashion show are also on the docket for 2009.