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see RybinskRybinsk
, formerly Andropov,
city (1989 pop. 251,000), NE European Russia, on the upper Volga and the Rybinsk Reservoir. The site of a hydroelectric station, it is a major inland port with shipyards and factories producing road-building equipment, cables, and printing
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, Russia.
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Amazingly Vladimir Shcherbakov, 33, escaped with concussion, cuts and bruises.
The man who died, 27-year-old Denis Burakov, was with friends at the Dombai ski resort, where they often went snowboarding, when he decided to take a ride with Vladimir Shcherbakov in a zorb being operated next to a beginners' slope.
According to Dobruskina (1995; followed by Shcherbakov 2008), the Dzaylyaucho locality, from which the material of [dagger]perfecta and [dagger]orientalis (and '[dagger]orientalis-like' species) has been unearthed, is Ladinian-Carnian in age (late Middle to early Late Triassic).
Across the street is the recently re-designed Shcherbakov Park, which hosts events and festivals (including the "Fan Zone" during Euro 2012).
The game's lead creator at Dreamworks, Aleksandr Shcherbakov, suggested to me in an email that "Onegin" is deliberate kitsch: "Pushkin + anime + Japanese genre + zombies + guest appearances of Chatskii/Bazarov + glam rock.
Leading Russian business daily newspaper Kommersantreported on Friday that a Colonel Shcherbakov of the Russian foreign intelligence service (SVR), who had been working for the Americans, betrayed the sleeper agents -- leading to their arrest and deportation -- in the biggest spy swap since the end of the Cold War.
Kommersant said that Shcherbakov, a colonel of the Foreign Intelligence Service's department, defected to the US days before the US announced the arrests of the 10 spies.
Perhaps the most vivid and most well-known of such discoveries is the diary of Mason Titov, discovered by Victor Igorevich Shcherbakov in the Department of Manuscripts of Russian State Library.
Shcherbakov, "Islamizatsiia Tadzhikistana : proshloe, nastoiashchee, budushchee" [Islamization of Tajikistan: past, present and future], Centrasia.
Shcherbakov 2008) contrary to the statement that they are indicative of warmer and drier conditions (Geertsema et al.