Sheet Pile

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Sheet pile

A pile in the form of a plank, driven in close contact with others to provide a tight wall to resist the lateral pressure of water or adjacent earth.

Sheet Pile


a mining support, under the protection of which mining work is performed in unstable (loose and water-bearing) rocks and soils. A sheet pile is a tongued and grooved barrier-type enclosure made of wood or metal.

sheet pile

One of a number of piles, interlocked or meshed with similar units, to form a barrier to retain soil or to keep water out of a foundation.
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Emirates Steel said it plans to produce up to 150,000 tonnes of sheet piles a year, depending on market demand.
Steel sheet piles are technical products that can perform a wide variety of functions: in particular their application is in constructing both temporary and permanent load bearing retaining walls.
Gulf Synthetics is a manufacturer of composite sheet pile and a line of composite coatings for dock, deck and concrete resurfacing.
In February 2011, short-term measurements of seismic effects of vibrations in the surrounding of the vibrating sheet pile wall were taken.
This allows the system to pump in or out to fit the excavation and hold the system in place without the required welding to the sheet pile required of a conventional application.
Emirates Steel is currently one of the largest steelmakers in the Mena region with the capacity to produce heavy sections including beams, columns, channels, angles and sheet pile.
Emirates Steel revealed it is the only producer to develop and sell sheet pile in the Middle East.
In this way, documentation for the progress of the work is supplied to the customer in the form of an accurate journal of the pressing-in of the sheet pile.
Steel company Arcelor Mittal is to hold a seminar in Dubai on Wednesday night at which it will put forward an arguement as to why steel sheet piles would be a better permanent method of building Dubai's canal than using concrete.
It has 1,500 linear feet of sheet pile bulkhead and a water depth of 23 feet.
measures to improve the flood protection are, inter alia: - new construction sheet pile wall construction with cover spar, - dismantling existing cervical wall.
Trump will make an estimated $8 million in improvements to the harbor site, including the installation of a 1500-foot-long breakwater and a 1900-foot-long, 60-foot-wide sheet pile and concrete bulkhead.