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And in Kwale, NDMA coordinator, Mr Ramon Sherah, said thepreliminary results of the drought report indicate Lunga Lunga and Kinango sub-counties are the most affected areas by the dry spell.
According to estimates, about half a million of the total eight million foreign workers are above 60, said Amal Asd Sherah, vice president of the committee.
And she said she thought it might be the reason why a number of local cats - including her own cat Sherah - had been missing since October.
In Macon, Georgia, Sherah Israel was chartered in 1904 to satisfy the needs of East European immigrants in a town that had had a German-Jewish congregation since 1859, and in Brunswick, Georgia, where the Reform Beth Tefilloh had been present since 1885, the Orthodox Agudath Israel was founded in 1919.
At the beginning of the twentieth century, however, Sherah Israel established its own separate section in Rose Hill.
In Macon, Georgia, a chapter of the Yiddish cultural and socialist-oriented mutual aid organization, the Workman's Circle, existed during the World War I era, and an adult Bible class offered at the city's Sherah Israel synagogue in the 1930s was "conducted entirely in Yiddish.