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I am called Rob the Stroller, my Lord Sheriff," said the archer.
Well, Rob the Stroller, with a little attention to your skin and clothes you would not be so bad a man," said the Sheriff.
The Sheriff glowered furiously upon this ragged archer who had refused his service, taken his prize without a word of thanks, and snubbed his daughter.
And I and my brothers have told him that the band would choose that one who should bring the Sheriff to shame this day and capture his golden arrow.
In truth I brought the Sheriff to shame for mine own pleasure, and won his golden arrow to boot.
You shamed the Sheriff e'en as I had hoped to do; and we can forego the golden arrow since it is in such fair hands.
Floyd Hayhurst, vice president of the Association of Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs, said the supervisors should focus on public safety first.
He shows photographs of white sheriffs to Meredith, who remarks, what ever happened to them?
The district court held that the county could not be held liable for any alleged lack of training or supervision of the sheriff, or sheriffs employees.
The legal source said the sacked sheriff would be hugely embarrassed by appearing in court just months after posing for pictures outside the same court with Lord Mackay when they were appointed honorary sheriffs.