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, sheik in Muslim countries
a. the head of an Arab tribe, village, etc.
b. a high priest or religious leader, esp a Sufi master



among Arab nomads the head or leader of a clan, tribe, or tribal alliance. In Islamic countries the term also acquired the general meaning of a venerable man; it is most often applied to leaders of Muslim sects and dervish orders (equivalent terms are “pir” and ’”murshid”), prominent theologians, and Muslim jurists. On the southern Arabian Peninsula and in the area of the Persian Gulf, several small states are ruled by sheikhs.

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Aslam, 41, of Belle Grove West, Spital Tongues, Newcastle, Shiek Zaman, 32, of Yewvale Road, Fenham, Newcastle, Jahangir Zaman, 41, of Hadrian Road, Fenham, Newcastle, and Khalique, 23, of Beaconsfield Street, Arthur's Hill, Newcastle, were all released on conditional bail.
The faith council includes leaders from the Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Shiek, Buddhist and Bahai faiths.
Many pundits believe the son of Shiek Mohammed's Dubai Millennium doesn't possess enough stamina to win over 12 furlongs.
AUW is the direct result of the steadfast vision of one man, Shiek Babiker Badri, who combined the traditional Islamic devotion to learning with his own and then radical idea of providing secular education in addition to religious instruction to both boys and girls (Badri & Scott, 1969).
Although prior to her shooting, Dorcas hoped to spite Joe and to show him she now only wants to please Acton, the shiek who will make her the envy of Seventh Avenue, she realizes that her anger toward Joe results from her fear and uncertainty in being allowed to "make" herself: "He [Joe] didn't even care what I looked like.
It's definitely been costing me," said Tim Shiek, owner of The Spa Doctor, a service company in Fargo, N.
Estos terroristas han sido reclutados por los seguidores de Bin Laden mediante un programa administrado por el shiek Omar Bakri, lider de Al-Muhajiroun y vocero del Frente Islamico internacional en Europa.
John/Jeremiah David White Rome Eric Roberts Samantha Cynthia Watros Tex Shiek Mahmud-Bey TJ Robert La Sardo Father Tom Stacy Keach Father Dan Lawrence Taylor
Shiek said: "Our reaction will be very grave - this gives Palestinians a free hand.
His box office successes - all silent films - included: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and The Shiek (1921), Blood and Sand (1922), Monsieur Beaucaire (1924).
Why would prices of P2 items in the South exceed those in the East where there is no location advantage relative to food production (Connor and Shiek, 1997)?
She adds that the fastest-growing segment in the category is superthin condoms, and that Schmid has recently launched Shiek superthin ribbed and Ramsesultrathin ribbed condoms.