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one of the paired limbs of an animal used for support of the body and for locomotion. Properly, the human leg is that portion of the extremity between the foot and the thigh. This section of the human leg contains two long bones, the tibia and the fibula.
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in arthropods, a segment of the leg that is movably joined to the femur (in insects) or the patella (in arachnids) and bears the tarsus on its end. usually segmented.


The larger of the two leg bones, articulating with the femur, fibula, and talus.


1. the inner and thicker of the two bones of the human leg between the knee and ankle
2. the corresponding bone in other vertebrates
3. the fourth segment of an insect's leg, lying between the femur and the tarsus
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Jane's shin bone was chopped off near the knee joint, in a cut similar to a traditional butchery technique, he added.
The patient had been operated on for a broken femur five months before and this time X-rays revealed fractures to the neck of femur - the ball and socket joint at the top of the leg - and also the proximal tibia - the flat section at the top of the shin bone.
The acu-point is under the second joint of your index finger, just behind the shin bone.
Paleontologists (fossil scientists) from a museum near the discovery site have spent the past two years unearthing 70 percent of the dinosaur's skeleton, including a shin bone and several vertebrae.
For instance, the anterior cruciate ligament keeps the thigh bone from sliding back to the shin bone and also the shin bone from sliding onward to the thigh bone.
It is one of the four main ligaments in the knee that connect thigh bone to shin bone and rupture of this tissue means an automatic end of the season.
The ACL is one of the important ligaments, which join the thigh bone to the shin bone.
The term is used to describe pain along the shin bone or tibia, which runs down the front of the leg, below the knee.
I'm looking to try and get something in place for a little bit of protection rather than just your shin bone.
1 small swede cut into 2cm squares * 4 carrots chopped into discs * 2 large onions sliced * A good dollop of tomato puree * Half a cup of pearl barley * Half a cup of lentils * 600g (1lb 8oz) shin beef * 200g (8oz) lambs kidney * One three-inch piece of shin bone - ask your butcher to saw it for you * A few sprigs of thyme * Three beef stock cubes * Two bay leaves * A splash of red wine * Seasoning For the dumplings * 125g (5oz) beef suet * 125g (5oz) self-raising flour * Good spoonful of horseradish sauce * ' tsp of salt * 4 to 5 tbsp of water METHOD Our palates changed as food became more geographic in the 1970s.
The centre will experiment with different materials to work out how best to transfer the blast energy away from the heel, which if damaged often leads to eventual amputation, and towards the shin bone, which can be more easily reconstructed.