Shirvanshahs Palace

Shirvanshahs’ Palace


an architectural ensemble in Baku, consisting mainly of structures of the 15th century. The palace of the Shirvanshahs is an outstanding monument of medieval Azerbaijani architecture. The two-story palace building itself, architecturally simple, is probably the earliest of the structures. The divan-khan (court of law) has a hall enclosed on five of its eight sides by a gallery with an arcade. Also of note is the rectangular tomb (1435), with its cruciform prayer hall and richly ornamented portal. The other structures are a two-domed mosque with an elegant minaret (1442), the small eight-sided mausoleum of Said Yahya Bakuvi, the Eastern Gate (1585), an ovdan (underground reservoir) and a bathhouse.

The palace of the Shirvanshahs, although it comprises structures erected at different times, is artistically integrated by unity of scale and architectural technique. The severe, geometrically precise mass of the buildings is set off by the spare but expressive decorative details. The palace is now a museum.


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If you simply look into the heart of the Icheri sheher (Old City), you will be amazed by the pearl of the country's architecture - the Shirvanshahs Palace.
Author's Old City, profession, age, irrespective of which country, that are of interest to all visitors Shirvanshahs palace of the greatest monuments of Azerbaijani architecture, the famous architect Zaha Hadid project, which is considered the gem of modern architecture increases the Heydar Aliyev Center is celebrating the beauty of the city.
The Maiden Tower, Icherisheher, Shirvanshahs Palace and Gobustan State Historical and Artistic Reserve were also included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List.