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see Sheshonk ISheshonk I
or Shoshenk I
, d. c.929 or 924 B.C., king of ancient Egypt, founder of the XXII (Libyan) dynasty. Originally a commander of mercenaries at Heracleopolis, he assumed (c.950 B.C.) royal authority when the weak dynasty at Tanis died out.
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a type of Russian helmet decorated with an upwardly tapering cone with a knob at the point. The shishak had earpieces on the sides, a visor and nasal in front, and a camail in back.

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The Egyptian Pharaoh Shishak had ample geopolitical reasons to give Jeroboam asylum and to treat him kindly as he had treated David's enemy, the Edomite prince Hadad (11:26-28).
Yet even during the divided monarchy it was either captured or forced to pay tribute to King Shishak of Egypt and was conquered by King Jehoash of Israel before being destroyed by the Babylonians.
Krupp's column "Theatrical Lightning" (May issue, page 43), he says, "There was no pharaoh Shishak in 526 BC or any other time.
Shishak of Egypt and Zerah the Cushite/Ethiopian figure prominently in the story line of Chronicles.
Machut Shishak is the environment officer and Stafford Ward is the assistant information officer at the U.
Jones, of course, knows that the pharaoh Shishak was said to have brought the Ark back to Tanis after invading Jerusalem.
Shishak came in divine reprisal for the fact that Rehoboam had abandoned the law of Yahweh and had forsaken Yahweh (2 Chr 12:1-2).
Solomon's marriage to Pharaoh's daughter inaugurated an EgyptianIsraelite detente which lasted some 20 years until the twenty-first dynasty was superseded by Shishak (c.
However, he managed to flee to Egypt where he was given asylum by Pharaoh Shishak (I Kgs.
Notably, Finkelstein has recently altered his views (2002b), and while he still maintains the sedentarizing nomads scenario, he now believes that the agent of destruction was Shishak.
12:21-24), and probably for fear of Jeroboam's former protector Shishak of Egypt (11:40; 14:25).
In the fifth year of King Rehoboam, Shishak King of Egypt came up against Jerusalem" (1 Kings 14:25).